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What's new - 28 Aug 2017

This Knowledge Network web site which has served us all well since 1994 is currently being remastered for mobile use and updated for compatibility with all the latest web site development technologies by:

Alister Ho
Digital Cloud (Pty) Ltd
Gauteng, South Africa

The pages we all use during training events will still be accessible.

I think you will like the remastered site - the new layout will make it easier to find your favourite pages and the info you need.

Jil Hrdliczka
Founder - Knowledge Network


Hello to Schools, Corporates and Teachers - article by a learner, feedback from learners - Knowledge Network for Windows-based systems, iPads, Androids, terminal servers, Multipoint, other

Email or call for your KN Times

Knowledge Network 21st Birthday - Magazine  Interview -

Email or call for info on educational software and materials for ages 3 to 5, ages 6 to 9, ages 10 up (works with Win XP to Win 10)

Email or call for a new installation file for KN-3to5, KN-6to9, KN-10up or KN-2004h ( KN-2004h is for high schools) when you upgrade your Windows

KN-10up datasheet for school computer clubs, remedial and integrated learning in class (Win XP to Win 10)

Integrated Learning - Learner Project  - including cross curricular integration from 2010

Click here for What's new (Sep 2012 to Sep 2013)

  • Multimedia Presentation - Project 2007 - for primary schools using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System - for Grade 04, 05, 06 and 07 (SP Level 01M and SP Level 01 to SP Level 04). The first of the learners' projects are in! Topics include animals, countries, pollution, global warming and space and are completed during between 4 and 6 sessions. Schools have all received their posters, with some of the schools ordering extra sets to give to their learners. Click here to view.
  • So what were kids and teenagers learning at Knowledge Network in 1994, 1995, and 1996? Graphics, programming, animation, video editing, research using Encarta / Internet, school projects, writing, reading, Pascal, Java scripting, scanning, digital photo enhancing, analysing data, learning for business and life, and tons more. Have a look at some of the projects completed by learners way back in 94, 95, 96 - when playing pool, having fun in the hybernet, conferencing, chasing electronic Megabyte, learning and just being cool were...
  • Automated Learner Assessment Reports for Schools - If you are using the Progressive Learning Programme Generic Marking Schedule and the Learner Assessment Reports, you can automate the printing of reports at the end of each term. Call or email Knowledge Network to find out what you need to do.

KN hi-tech gadgets

Bamboo pen with aluminium clip, built-in stylus and chef tablet stand (for recipes, movies or music while you cook). Also good as a stand for marking, moderating, reading or for learners to use during class, enables good posture when using an iPad

Sunshine solar charger for USB and micro USB input, with micro USB charging cable - made from 45% bio-based material derived from plants not oil. Leading to carbon footprint reduction

 Polished chrome pen and stylus filled with crystals - nicknamed the Knowledge Network feel good
"bling” set

Compact and travel-friendly computer brush and screen cleaner - sonic media station with earbuds and mini stylus

Cell phone / smartphone stand with mini stylus and mini ear phones, cables and connector

Photo from the past

Michael Kippen with signatures on the KN Megabyte poster at the launch of KN in 1994

Cell phone photos

Transport to go shopping or to get to work in Vienna, Aug 2015

Faxi transport in central Vienna, Aug 2015

Fiaka transport for sightseeing, central Vienna, Aug 2015

Awesome stuff of the week
Grade 00 - Grade 03

Planting vegetables
Bedford Country Schoo



  • The book Top ICTe Companies in South Africa: 2006 featured Knowledge Network in the Training and Development section. The book is published by Corporate Research Foundation Publishing ISBN 0-620-37318-0.
  • Course for educators - How to make posters of topics in your learning area for your classroom using software tools you already have.  Call or email Knowledge Network for info. This course is not to be missed!
  • Photo Project SA - all you need to participate in this project is a digital camera and CD writer. Cell phone camera photos will also be featured in the project. Call or email Knowledge Network for the details.


  • Call or email Knowledge Network if you want to buy a CD with all the photographs for learners to use for their school projects, our e-learning sessions or general knowledge update applications.


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