Claire Bristow, past student of St Teresa’s School Thank you Knowledge Network

I was lucky enough to attend a school that offered the knowledge network programme. Between 2008 and 2012, I completed the knowledge network programme and reached level 5.

By completing the course, I enhanced my computer literacy courses immensely. It laid down the fundamental computer literacy skills, as well as prepared me for the computer skills I needed to pass my matric CAT exam, as well as for the computer literacy skills I needed for university and later for my work as a teacher.

By the time I got to University, my computer skills exceeded those who did not have the privilege of taking the course.

I have been able to fully utilise the computer programs that were required throughout my degree (especially in my Honours year).

I can definitely say, without the knowledge network course I would have struggled in varsity, and I would not have been able to integrate technology into my teaching nearly as much as what I currently do.

It is very easy to underestimate the value behind the programme, trust I did, but I cannot actually thank knowledge network (and my Computer teacher, Mrs Gattoo) enough for teaching me such valuable and useful skills.

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