KN-6ot9 educational software

As the learners come charging into my classroom, before they have even taken a seat they are asking if they can go onto the “big red K” (KN-6to9 software).

This makes me really pleased because I know the learners are using their time productively while I gather myself for the lesson.

As I look around the classroom the learners are practising their typing skills, drawing and painting pictures, solving word and math problems, some are even working into groups to solve the memory challenges and word activities.

I almost feel bad when I have to tell them to stop so that we can start our lesson.

The wonderful thing is that even though the software is designed for the Junior Primary School learners, grade R to grade 03, learners of all ages in the primary school are keen to get time on it – the learners seem to never tire of the KN-6to9 software. In fact, learners ask where they can buy it from as they want it at home too.

The KN-6to9 Educational software was purchased by my school to use in conjunction with the lessons (KN Session Plans). Many of the lessons are based around the different elements in the software.

The learners find the lessons fun, interesting and stimulating because while using the software and without really realising it they are gaining mouse and keyboarding skills, they are learning to think logically and solve problems, their artistic and creative side is also being stimulated.

The best part is that even learners who have learning difficulties can succeed and can work to their own abilities without feeling they need to compete with others.

At the end of the day it is all about the learners feeling successful so they are excited to try and learn more.

As a computer teacher I love the fact the KN-6to9 software can be used at any time in my class, before, during and after my lessons. I encourage them to use the “the big red K” whenever they have an opportunity.

I want them to love learning, achieving and performing.

KN-6to9 (and, of course my lessons!) makes learning, achieving and performing easy and fun for my learners.

Ashley Grant

2017 Computer Teacher – Grade 03 to Grade 07

School of Merit Primary School, Edenvale, South Africa

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