Comments from – Knowledge Network Intro to Coding Support Team and Mentors

“I am not a programmer, do not think that way. I loved it, if I can do it anyone can. It is exciting.” Ann Clark, Director of Operations, Knowledge Network

“Intro to coding was interesting and exciting and easier than I imagined. I will be looking forward to implement this.”

“Hello! It was an awesome day – I really enjoyed it and the integration of coding into the curriculum makes sense to me at last.”

“It was very intimidating in the beginning but it was really nice overall.”

“In the beginning, to be honest, I was a bit lost because I joined after the course started – hectic Johannesburg traffic at 06:00 in the morning. I caught up very quickly, thanks to the mentor Jily who eased me into the day, and then I was fine. HTML can be done by all kids, it is fun, requires accurate typing and ability to notice and fix mistakes. I was proud – I was able to do the work, finish, understand and produce a complete, accurate web page coded in HTML by me!” Nanzile Ncube, Knowledge Network Rivonia Admin Office.

“I absolutely LOVED it. I want to do the full coding course!”

“Intro to coding – it was really fabulous! Feeling very inspired and motivated.”

“It was very interesting. I think it is wonderful for kids to start with coding at an early stage.”

“Jil is awesome, coding is awesome, Jil makes it fun, easy, interesting. It is easy to understand. My favourite part was when I had to wait for the outcome of my first program in Small Basic. The outcome was awesome – the colours, the shapes created through angles, the background music! suited my era (Moonlight Lady in particular!), the group we were learning with was awesome. After the day, I could go home and teach my kids what I learned. Their comment – Mum is awesome. It is an easy program to learn.” Shenaaz Naidoo, Project Support at Knowledge Network

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