Annual National Technology Conference - 1995
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Conference Crew - 1995
Silas, Craig, Yair, Paul, Dylan, Drew, Ricky, Patrick and Michael, Brett
Everyone who attended the conference signed the giant megabyte.
Images of the conference

It all happened in 1995 in South Africa
The first National Technology Conference
for Kids & Teenagers

are we ahead in the world or what?

Conference Crew Dinner with the Springboks! Conference
Cape Town

It also happened again in 1996 and 1997 and ....

Conference 1995 Highlights

Programming in VB, multimedia school projects, digital cameras and image processing, Internet - bringing the world to you, Virtual shopping

May 1995 was the conference month for K-Net. Together with Microsoft, K-Net held the first ever computer conference for kids and teenagers in SA – if not in the world.

The winner of the Acer PC worth R10,000.00

Michael (10) of Johannesburg won the K-Net / Microsoft 1995 National Technology Conference Prize.

Tons of prizes were won - the famous flying mouse pads, Encarta, Dangerous Creatures, Fine Artist, Creative Writer, Publisher, Office for the folks, Entertainment Packs, Flight Simulator, the Windows 95 Final Beta Release, Windows 95 pens, Megabyte T-shirts, caps, Compu-pass, Apple stuff and more.


It was the computing event of the year. 500 kids and teenagers attended the K-Net (now Knowledge Network) / Microsoft 1995 National Technology Conference in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. It was "brill", "awesome", "a cut above the rest", and "the computing event of the year".

For those of you who couldn’t make it – guys you missed the computing event of the century!

Virtual shopping, digital cameras, VB programming, Internet and multimedia school projects - Yes, we learned about all this at the Conference in 1995!

Cape Town, South Africa Durban, South Africa
We kicked off the show with Greedy "the Nerd clam" and the rest of the crew at the Dock Road Venue, Waterfront complex in Cape Town.

It was great, all the K-Net conference kids in Cape Town were absolutely fabulous with excellent participation in the soundblaster sound recording and the Visual Basic experience, and I don’t think that anyone will forget the "It’s a spicy meatball" impersonation.

Did we learn something? Absolutely YES. 

Next up was Durban. It was their turn to experience the excitement of the National Conference.

After a long trip down to Durban we eventually got settled at the Technikon.

The next day brought on the opening of the Durban Conference and we found the Durban kids to be slow starters, but boy when they get warmed up there is just no stopping them.

That is more than I can say for the Internet demo. When there is no line there is just no getting started, no matter how hard we tried. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg and the VW marketing conference centre were up next. Now the K-Net crew were on the home ground and ready for anything that could be thrown at them, but I’m not so sure the rest of the conference kids were ready to have mouse pads thrown at them, as the newly established "Mouse pad Wrestle" showed.

The Apple digital video demonstration was the highlight, followed by the Internet.

Virtual Shopping ruled in 1995 and still does..... So what has changed?  .......  I think we have.

Crew Dinner with the Springboks!
"The K-Net conference was enjoyed by all, especially the K-Net conference crew.

Rugby Fever

We went to a K-Net Crew Dinner at the Sandton Holiday Inn. Once again the Springboks had won and everybody had rugby fewer.

The Springboks were staying at the hotel and to everyone’s joy and amazement, they decided to come down and have dinner.

The K-Netters got the chance to speak to them and get their autographs.

Great food, good company and lots of fun and excitement made it an unforgettable evening for the Conference Crew of 1995."

Michael Joffe - 1995 Conference Crew Member

Were you there?
Were you there? Do you remember the action at THE conference of the century?
Email us with stories you remember.

Here's something to jog your memory -
Ann and Gerry's clam demo in Cape Town, South Africa.
Gerry's famous flying mouse pads in Johannesburg, South Africa
The work - for the "Welcome to - Crew". How late did we work? Trevor says late - after 11 pm at least!
How many conference packs did we pack? Trevor says, at least 500 per venue!!!

Remember - green bags, the white shirt and Megabyte
And the VB session - the flying something - Trevor thinks it was a butterfly.
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