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Pupils race to class enthusiastically for each session of new IT learning programme
Mrs Rose Krugess (MCSC), Computer Teacher, Aston Manor Primary School

The Aston Manor Knowledge Network Technology Centre was opened to pupils on 2 February 1998.

We are proud to say that we are running the latest Microsoft products, and the skills the pupils obtain here, will be current and applicable immediately. Nine of our teachers are receiving monthly on-going training at Knowledge Network in Rivonia.

The Knowledge Network curriculum improves concentration and memory skills, creativity and lateral thinking.

The pupils race to class enthusiastically each session and are always reluctant to leave. Pupils who had never worked on a computer before were quickly brought up to an acceptable level and are now clicking away happily with the rest of their peers.

In keeping with Outcomes Based Education, the pupils will learn techniques which will help them meet the challenges of secondary school, as well as the business world.  

What some of the learners said about their sessions ....

"I count the sleeps until each computer lesson."  Learner Grade 1
"I love computers because it is fun and good with education and helps you to listen." Kgomotoso Grade 5

"I like computers because they show me what I can do with what I already know." Lee Grade 6

"This is so cool. It is the loveliest stuff." Michelle Grade 6

"I enjoy computers because they can help you with your education and you can make creative stuff." Andreas Grade 5

"I think computers are fun, because I learn new things I did not know on my computer."  Christopher Grade 5

"I think it is great because it teaches us many things and gives us knowledge on how to use computers."  Jabu Grade 5



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