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Jan 1998






A fun learning culture for teachers and for learners
Report by Miss M Gibbs HOD Junior Primary Department Tom Newby School

We started running the Knowledge Network Information Technology Curriculum on Monday, 23 February 1998.

The children are so enthusiastic and keen to learn and apply what they already know, that they are producing exciting work. Undaunted by change, unafraid of technology, our children are the new warriors of the Information Revolution. Thank you to Knowledge Network and all those who have made this "Computer Fun" a reality to our children at Tom Newby School."

A fun learning culture for teachers and for learners

The Junior Primary teachers have not stopped enthusing about it the computer centre. The time spent in the Centre has been extremely worthwhile and we cannot wait to return each week. It has been amazing to see how quickly the pupils have learnt (far quicker than the teacher, I’m afraid!). A whole new world has opened up for pupils who do not have computers at home and it has been even more rewarding to observe these pupils on the computers!

Thank you Tom Newby Governing Body and Knowledge Network for this wonderful experience.

About Tom Newby School
The first government school in Benoni was the English Medium Primary School established in 1904. In 1909, the Central School was opened in its place, and functioned until 1951 when it was replaced by the Northmead English Medium School. The name was changed in the same year in honour of the former Principal of the Central School, and Major of Benoni, Clr Tom Newby.

The School can be regarded as the "mother" of English Primary Schools in Benoni, as all the others were established as a result of Tom Newby being regularly over-crowded. The School is at present a state-aided, semi-private School run by the Headmaster, and an elected Governing Body.

Our aim is to provide a caring and stimulating environment in which the needs not only of the educationally-gifted, but also those of the less advantaged, will be addressed.


Our aim is to give each child at Tom Newby School the best possible start to School Life. The Pre Primary School provides a happy and secure environment in which small children are taught to work and play constructively, and where they begin to learn the value of co-operation and self-discipline. There is a wide curriculum, and although there is a strong emphasis on numeracy and literacy, we try to develop any special aptitude which a child may display. Lively enquiring minds are encouraged, and effort and success are always praised.

Junior Primary

This phase is specifically structured as a stepping-stone, and ensures that confidence and security are built up by our children under the care and guidance of highly-trained and dedicated teaching staff. This three-year formative period is extremely important in the life of our children, and emphasis is placed on group interaction, while individual strengths are recognised and nurtured. Basic elements of discipline are imposed, but care is taken in every regard to ensure that individual personality traits are not stifled.

Senior Primary

In this phase, emphasis is placed on the individual, rather than the group, in order that specific strengths be developed and weaknesses be defined. Supportive action is given by expert Teaching Staff through a combination of proven traditional methods of teaching and the best of modern ideas and investigative techniques, ensuring that each child receives a balanced education.



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