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Computer Club for St. Benedict's - report by Mrs Glenda Viljoen, Computer Centre Teacher - Elementary School
At the beginning of May 1999, Mrs Wouters (Principal of the Elementary School) and I decided to offer the boys in Grades 1 to 3 the opportunity to partake in the Knowledge Network Computer Club. The response was overwhelming. The first day we had 84 responses, by the end of the week, we had 136 responses. We could only accommodate 106 boys on four afternoons.

The decision was taken to use the Knowledge Network Junior Club Curriculum. The boys participated with enthusiasm, excitement and interest, learning a great deal while having fun.

Then it came to registration for the third term. On the first day of registration we had a queue that indicated that the response  was going to be just as overwhelming as the second term. By the end of the second day, the four computer club afternoons were full with a waiting list of 25 boys.

The boys have benefited greatly from the Knowledge Network Junior Club Curriculum. They have enjoyed learning in a fun and exciting environment - so much so that the parent s are requesting courses in order for them to be computer literate.

Feedback from the learners about the Club
"I have really enjoyed computers. It is fun and I learn a lot. My favorite thing in the computer club is the acting thing with our voices." Grade 3 
"Computers is so cool!!!! I love it when we write about things. Mrs Viljoen knows so much. I can't believe it! I get so excited." Rowan Grade 2
"I love the computer club, it's the best. I like the things we do - it's great. We scan and we make really cool pictures. I like the programs we use and I also like the computers." Computer Club rules!
"I like computers because I am in the Computer Club. I love the picture we made with our scanned photo. I also like to play the games." Carlo Grade 2
"The best thing I like about computer's is that you learn. Computers is the best in the west." Anthony Grade 2 



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