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St Katharine's School using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System
St Katharine's is a small, independent, interdenominational, multi-cultural junior school for girls.

Together with the pursuit of academic excellence goes a commitment to a strong Christian ethic but which gives recognition to and encourages an understanding of other religious beliefs. Consideration for others is fostered and each individual is encouraged to develop to her full potential; academically, physically, socially and culturally. The school strives to attain a relaxed, happy environment where children are allowed to be individuals and are encouraged to think independently.

St Katharine's was established in 1916 and the ethos and culture of the school remain true to the founder, Mrs Ethel Fielding's original vision of holistic education.

A full range of subjects is offered. Grade 0 to Grade 5 are taught by class teachers, with specialist teachers in Grade 6 and 7 and throughout the school for Physical Education, Music, Afrikaans, Zulu, Media Studies and Computer Studies. With the emphasis placed on individualized attention, St Katharine's girls win scholarships to the country's leading Senior Schools year after year.

Sports include gymnastics, swimming, diving, tennis, netball, hockey and squash.

Afternoon cultural activities cover ballet, modern dancing, ballroom dancing, Irish folk dance, art, speech and drama, lace making, a Junior and Senior choir and instrumental music with an orchestra of some 50 members.

An awareness of the wider community is also important. St Katharine's has various social services and outreach programmes. An Adult Education Centre is run from the school in the evenings.

The girls are well prepared for their High School careers and beyond and to this end the dedicated Staff aim to instil good manners, self discipline, responsibility and leadership in all the pupils.

Knowledge Network comes to St. Katharine's - M Dace, St Katharine's School

The Knowledge Network programme (Knowledge Network Information Technology Curriculum and Knowledge Network Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) was introduced into our school curriculum in 1998.

Since then we have seen the benefits thereof in our everyday work.

Our girls are highly motivated and have benefited greatly from this innovative, creative and, I quote, "cool" programme. They have learnt the art of using computers as tools in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The skills have been successfully carried over into the classroom situation on different levels.

Academic and project work, reading, research and sourcing have been part of our daily routine in the senior classes. The artistic and academic combining has resulted in fine graphic displays and a high standard of technical skills being used. Each child has been able to develop her own unique ability to present work of an excellent standard, to combine media and to multi-task.

It has been exciting to see how planning and structuring have developed in project work. This is partly due to the organisational skills learned on the computer programme.

I feel that this training has added another dimension and learning curve to our education at St. Katharine's School.

We have been careful to use computer skills in an integrated way. I am proud to say that this has been highly successful, beneficial and fun for all of us.  



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