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Release date 1999
Impressive aspects of the curriculum
the activity and learner-centred approach helps to develop concentration, listening and memory skills
Comments from learners about their learning experience
"fun stuff, I live for repeating the work at home"
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David, Candice, Yolanda and Lauren in Grade 5 say that attending Knowledge Network sessions is great fun, and that they learn new skills every week.

James in Grade 7 says that he has already used the spreadsheet skills for his own small business venture.

Children "building" the Summerwood emblem

Implementation of the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum Year 1 at Laerskool Summerwood Primary School
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Summerwood Primary School has always wanted to provide an innovative structure for the introduction of information technology to primary school learners. This structure had to meet the following criteria.

  • It must expose the primary school learner to a wide variety of relevant IT skills
  • It must equip the learner with skills that can be applied to school projects as well as everyday use
  • It must change every year to meet the requirements of the IT industry
  • It must be enjoyed by the learners
  • It must be value for money

The implementation of the Knowledge Network Curriculum is part of a 4 phase project at Summerwood Primary School.

Phase 1
To develop a long term plan for PC infrastructure, and IT education, which will include a structured IT curriculum and the use of a specialist IT mentor to facilitate the introduction of this plan.

Phase 2
To ensure that the policy of one child per PC is maintained, to train additional teachers as IT mentors, to communicate the continuation of the IT curriculum with neighbouring high schools and to provide additional clubs and adult courses.

Phase 3
To introduce and develop an affordable Intranet and Internet structure and develop internet networking skills of learners, teachers and parents and provide an electronic support and communication system between the school and the school community.

Phase 4
To be a leader in the field of effective information technology education which provides the best value for money IT education in the Eastern Cape.

  • The Knowledge Network IT Curriculum has met all Summerwood's criteria for IT education.
  • The Knowledge Network IT Curriculum and support has enabled our school to realize its vision for IT education at a much greater speed than had been anticipated before 1999.
  • The Knowledge Network IT Curriculum has created a secure and stable IT environment at our school in which both mentors and learners can develop relevant skills.
  • The Knowledge Network group has contributed to establishing Summerwood Primary as a well-known establishment throughout South Africa. 

Comments by the IT mentor and learners

The IT Mentor: Our learners in both the Junior and Senior Primary phases have done extremely well.

Impressive aspects include:

  • The tremendous speed at which the learners in Grade 1 and Grade 2 acquired new skills. This proves that the curriculum suits the needs of the younger child.
  • The projects have been chosen with great care and the learners love to work towards a specific goal.
  • Many of our learners repeat the projects at home. This has helped a lot to inform parents of the growth in skills. The fact that the kids are willing to "work" at home, shows that they are really enjoying what they are doing during the sessions.
  • Our learners don't want to miss any sessions!
  • The Knowledge Network Curriculum makes maintaining discipline an easy task: the activity and learner-centred approach helps to develop concentration, listening and memory skills.
  • The project-oriented approach 'forces' the learner to 'take control', to become actively involved and to work to achieve. It is absolutely fantastic to observe the activity and productivity level during the sessions. It makes me proud to be a Knowledge Network IT Mentor.
  • Before using the Knowledge Network Curriculum I was so frustrated, because I could keep the children busy for a year, and after that I had a problem. Now mentoring is a breeze, and I know that there is a long term curriculum with a lot of exciting sessions to follow!  

What the learners say about their learning experience

Dieter and Elana in Grade 3 say they live for repeating the projects they do at school at home.

Favourite projects include: graphics - completing the background for the fish, copying, flipping and skewing the objects, and the picture on autumn colours; DTP - creating a weather map for Africa in PowerPoint.

Tinique and Xander in Grade 4 love changing clipart and learning new things. Xander says that the sessions are not too difficult, but ... not too easy either - just RIGHT!

David, Candice, Yolanda and Lauren in Grade 5 say that attending Knowledge Network sessions is great fun, and that they learn new skills every week. They never get bored with what they do, and are always busy.

Favourite projects include: word processing - the typing skills exercise where they had to make use of the thesaurus in a fun way to choose synonyms; spreadsheets - working with numbers and seeing how different scenarios and formulas can have different results in the exercise on Lakeside Log cabins.

Julie and Gavin in Grade 6 say that what they do is "fun stuff". New skills are added all the time. They know exactly what they have to do, and are equipped with the skills to do it with ease.

Favourite sessions include: graphics - photo-editing, DTP - the multimedia presentation and the poster on the medical conference.

James, Jonathan and Andre in Grade 7 say that they did not know they would learn so much in one year. Andre says that he loved every session, because he could work towards a specific goal, and that it feels great to know that you have achieved because you can look at your result.

They also believe that they have learnt skills that can be applied in Art, Mathematics, other school projects and at home. James says that he has already used the spreadsheet skills for his own small business venture.

They say that the sessions make sense to them because they see that they can use these skills in everyday life. 

Knowledge Network Club

The Knowledge Network Club members say that although the sessions are tougher than the class sessions, they are still great fun. Candice says that she loves it because the tougher the sessions, the great the challenge!

All members love creating the website, but some enjoyed creating the 3D animated objects a lot.

They feel that their parents are spending their money well to allow them to attend Knowledge Network Club. Tatenda in Grade 7 says that it is a great pity that not more children are attending Knowledge Network Club - because there is so much to learn and enjoy.

3D Graphics and Animation Club Projects completed during the Club - Software used - Micrografx - Simply 3D

snrclubcone.jpg (1545 bytes) snrclubfish1.jpg (1638 bytes) snrclubshark1.jpg (1764 bytes)
Cone moving through a torus (Avi file 239KB) Fish swimming behind a magnifying glass (Avi file 4MB) Rotating shark display with reflections (Avi file 3.5MB)

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