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Grd 12 learners prepare for life after school

Thirty two Grade 12 learners from Athlone High School for Girls will leave school this year with a Knowledge Network certificate of successful completion in a number of different areas of information technology.

This is the first time in South Africa that learners, while still in school, have had the opportunity to earn a qualification they can use to find employment in the business world.

The road to success for these learners demanded a positive attitude to learning and sacrifice. Learners were required to attend classes during their July school holidays to complete the curriculum for the certificate.

The standard required for the certificate is high and the school did not want the extra classes to interfere with the learners' preparation for the final matric examination.

Innocentia Lekwaletsoe and Lydia Jokasi, Grade 12 learners at Athlone High School for Girls say they attended classes during the holidays because they need the Knowledge Network certificate to prove what they can do when they apply for work next year.

Mashudu Nephalse says she wants to study engineering next year. "Computer knowledge is very important in all walks of life. I wanted to get the Knowledge Network certificate this year as I want to do engineering and will not be able to afford to do computer classes as well. I am pleased that Athlone High School for Girls gives us the opportunity to learn things that are used in an office environment."

Learners, staff and the Principal of Athlone High School for Girls are extremely proud of the learners. Principal of the school, Mrs Pat Walker says "The School is committed to giving the learners the finest education in life. A sound education plays an important role in their life and by incorporating the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum we have contributed to their most valuable asset - education."

"The Knowledge Network Curriculum has equipped these learners with the computer and life skills they will need to enter the business world. For those learners who are unable to afford tertiary education, I can proudly say that they are now equipped with a significant knowledge of business principles and practices.

The learners have made a substantial investment towards their education and have formed a solid foundation to their chosen careers in adult life," says Walker.

Athlone High School for Girls implemented the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum in January 1998. Computer classes are run during the normal school day. Computer teacher Mrs Anna-Marie Tillwick attended the Knowledge Network ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) training programme in 1998 and attends monthly training sessions.

The training, part of the schools' teacher development programme, ensures that the teacher's IT knowledge is kept current. A number of IT topics are complex and the training helps the teacher make the learning process fun and exciting for the learners.

"Our learners are young adults who will have a family one day. We are giving them a chance to earn a living. Without these skills they won't stand a chance in life", says Tillwick.

The curriculum covers all essential skills required to cope in an office environment - email, inter-office communication, report writing, departmental budgets, business presentations, electronic research as well as graphics and mail merges for account handling and marketing efforts. Emphasis is placed on completing business projects from start to finish. Learners learn how to use a computer as the business tool they will use for the rest of their lives.

The Knowledge Network learning methodology and outcomes- and project-based curriculum develops creativity, lateral thinking, logic, computer and life skills and equips learners for life in the information age. 


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