Computers for Beginners and Integrated Computing
Computers for Beginners Course

Knowledge Network launched me into a whole new world
"Life with a computer is very different to life without".
Sylvia Kree

Sylvia Kree is a retired doctor who worked in a lab environment before retirement. While in the lab, her main function was to monitor the patterns of viral diseases and to conduct surveys within the community. Sylvia wanted to get connected to the Internet for research purposes.

"I retired when I was 68 and was determined to have a productive retirement. I enrolled on many courses - calligraphy, astronomy, classical music, bridge, medical and bird watching courses.

This year I decided to get into computers and the Internet. Technology is a frightening field for those who have not been exposed to it before and I must say I was rather apprehensive about entering this strange field. There were opportunities in my working environment but I never had the need to use them and didn't really want to anyway. I was impressed by the knowledge and skills the young kids have. They all look so brilliant when they work on computers.

I decided to register for the Computers for Beginners course at K-Net (now Knowlege Network). The day before the course was due to start, I had second thoughts about doing the course so I went to Knowledge Network to have a look at the learning environment to see if it would suit me.

Knowledge Network is a relaxed, friendly environment and the staff are very encouraging and made me look forward to my course the following day.

They explained that the course was 100% hands-on and that many of the problems experienced are solved while you are on course.

The experience was exactly as they had described it to me. The course was practical so a lot was achieved during the first morning. Knowledge Network launched me into a whole new world.

I then decided to buy a computer and sat down with Gerry from Knowledge Network who gave me good advice about what I should buy to meet my needs. Knowledge Network ordered the computer and installed it in my study for me. All I had to do was switch it on. When you are in a strange field, you need a support system. You need a home base to turn to and I have confidence in Knowledge Network as my home base.

I then registered on the Knowledge Network MS Office Computer Course. I am an extremely organised person and have since indexed everything. I have typed letters, used electronic encyclopaedias for reference purposes and have achieved a lot more. You can't believe the hours of pleasure this computer is giving me.

My main objective was to be connected to the Internet. I am now going to use the Net for research purposes. Knowledge Network advised me on what to get, installed the modem and the Internet. I now have an email address and am connected to the rest of the world."  

Computers for Beginners - an excellent course
Ann Barnes, DP Secretary, Gauteng Legislature

"I would like to express my genuine thanks for an excellent beginners course that I attended at Knowledge Network. It was delightful that the group was small and I felt like I was getting private tuition. Having a change to experience a hands-on training course was really the only way to absorb and practice.

I found the mentors and the manner in which they taught to be informative and useful. I noticed that the correct phrasing was always used and that has made me more alert to the functions of the computer.

What was particularly interesting was the way in which the tuition was handled in that knowledge was imparted with a love for computers and what computers can produce for us. I certainly felt my work can now be far more professional and productive.

Attending a morning course was most beneficial as I was able to go back to the office and catch up on my daily work.

Thank you for the warm reception received each morning. I always felt comfortable asking any questions, and was never made to feel foolish. I am delighted to know that I can telephone for any backup help that I might need This is a great service." 

MS Office - Integrated Computing Course

Brian Goodall of the Democratic Party attended the MS Office course

"I attended the course with reservations. I have been on other computer courses but found them intimidating. This course I thoroughly enjoyed. I found it very practical. I learned by doing, and when I made mistakes the mentor had the time - and patience  - to help me correct them. I am now arranging for more members of our staff to attend the same course." 

You are never too young or too old ...
In 1996, John Graham attended K-Net (now Knowledge Network). Here is his story.

"A few days after my 82nd birthday, I bought a PC installed with Windows. My supplier having got bored with me, I bought a book on computers, but it didn't speak the same language and I could not work out what it way trying to say. Then I heard about Knowledge Network.

I went along to the Computers for Beginners course and spent 8 very pleasant mornings learning about computers at a computer from a group of extremely competent mentors. I learned a lot and quickly and very pleasantly.

Nothing was too much trouble, and if I did not catch on immediately - no problem - things were shown to me again in a different way.

I can't say that I can do everything without experiencing a problem, but I can type my letters without Tipp-Ex, I can keep track of my investments etc. on spreadsheets, I can import my logos into my documents all while I am listening to pleasant background music on my CD-ROM.

What's more, if necessary, I can speak like a geek."  


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