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Computer skills development programme for educators and learners

Cliffview Primary School joined the Knowledge Network Partner Schools Programme in January 1999.

Teachers from the school attended training in the Knowledge Network Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology (ILAMM) for technology topics and are undergoing regular training to equip them with the skills they need to present the Knowledge Network Information Technology Curriculum for Schools. The classes are run during the normal school day to equip all kids in the school with the technology skills they need for life in the information age.

The curriculum is project-based and children learn by applying skills to a project. A number of computer disciplines are covered during one learning experience.

This simulates the way children work on computers when required to complete projects for school and the way they use computers.

By using the methodology together with the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum, far more content can be covered while balancing repetition with new concepts for maximum effectiveness during the learning process.

Kids are also able to apply what they have learned to work they need to complete outside of the Knowledge Network session, on computers at home or in the computer centre.

Mr Georges Hébert, Principal of Cliffview Primary School attended the Knowledge Network Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology course for educators.

"It (Knowledge Network ILAMM) does not differ much from the very sound educational practices which are already in use in many of our normal classroom situations. I have tremendous faith in the Knowledge Network ILAMM and I am very impressed with the presentation of the course," say Mr Georges Hébert. Accelerated learning is enabled through the methodology, learner-centered and project-oriented approach to session design.

Income generation to help cover the cost of technology in schools, is also part of the Knowledge Network Partner Schools Programme. Cliffview Primary School is running the Knowledge Network Club in the afternoons, after the normal school day.



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