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IT programme keeps learners moving ahead in technology
by Caren Illsley - October 1999
The sessions provided by Knowledge Network are highly beneficial for our learners.

The developers at Knowledge Network have tried very hard to work out sessions so that all learners are learning while having fun.

The sessions help those learners as well as teachers to gain very necessary skills that they may never have the opportunity of learning.

Knowledge Network does not make use of the same skills over and over again, but rather moves ahead, so that learners are all learning new concepts, each level refers back to the previous levels but at the same time moving ahead.

Learners in Grade 7 and Grade 12 are provided with Knowledge Network IT Skills Certificates for the different levels.

This allows Grade 12 learners who have not got the opportunity of studying further, to present the certificate when looking for employment.

The session training provided for the teachers allows them to feel confident about what they are teaching. All new skills needed in the sessions are practiced with the Knowledge Network staff ahead of time.

About De La Salle
As a school community with Christ as its centre, we, staff, parents, Board and Church humbly and wholeheartedly embrace the mission of providing a holistic education for the pupils entrusted to us. This is done in the belief that through this commitment, they too will accept the need to share the responsibility we have to the world.

We undertake to nurture their spiritual, social and emotional needs in a positive vibrant and caring, yet challenging environment. In the process we will embrace the best innovative and tested learning experience to enhance their education and development, to ensure ongoing relevance to the society in which we live.

In our school community we commit ourselves to upholding Gospel values and the teaching of the Church, so as to foster and encourage love and service of God within the context of providing a holistic education to pupils. The values desired and adopted by the school:

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