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South Africa needs a skilled workforce to compete in a global world

Without skills in the use of a computer as a business tool and  international communication tool, staff find it difficult to cope with their workload, meet their deadlines, produce work of a consistently high standard and communicate with colleagues.

Management of Grinaker Inland Building identified a need for skills training and embarked on a skills development programme to raise the level of computer literacy and computer skills in the company.

Thirty five staff members from Grinaker Inland Building were selected to attend computer skills training courses at Knowledge Network in Rivonia. The courses included skills training for those staff members who had limited exposure to an integrated, multi-tasking, networked computing environment, training in the use of the Internet as a research and global communication tool, and training in the use of MS Excel as a business management tool.

The courses were 100% hands-on. All courses were run using the Knowledge Network ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) methodology. The methodology is unique and effective. "Users gained skills quickly, and were able to apply them immediately to relevant business tasks," says Celeste Sandenbergh, Human Resources Administrator for Grinaker Inland Building.

Online manuals and onscreen help tools were covered so that staff could solve their own problems and to help themselves on return to the workplace.

"The course was excellent and living in a technological environment we need to be updated on a regular basis. I will encourage people to learn to become efficient using a computer as the workplace requires computer literate people. The courses at Knowledge Network were very effective", says Mr Efram Danke.

The training was arranged by Celeste Sandenbergh, Human Resources Administrator. "The staff members loved the training, enjoyed the personal attention they received at Knowledge Network and were overjoyed by the fact that they were selected by the company to attend the courses." 

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