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Teacher development a success at Moregrove Primary School
"A whole week of computer training for the whole staff. When I told this to the staff members at the end of 1998 some of them were terrified.

Their attitude changed quickly during the course of the week (the Knowledge Network ILAMM training), mainly because of the way in which Ann Clark of Knowledge Network presented the sessions to them.

I saw the changes on their faces and noticed a very positive attitude as the week progressed. This was a week of bonding between the staff members which will never be achieved again, because they were all winners at the end of the week.

The most positive aspect of the Knowledge Network experience is the fact that all our staff members are empowered to use their newly acquired computer skills for preparing superior work sheets for their classes. Their confidence levels with regard to computer usage are incredibly high.

I would like to congratulate Knowledge Network on an excellent programme and especially the affordability of the programme which puts computer education within reach of every pupil in the school.

How do I feel as Principal?

Very excited, the best investment we've ever made.
Mr Pierre Potgieter, Principal Oct 1999

Die Knowledge Network program - 'n sukses - G Labuschagne Graad 7A

Tydens die eerste paar dae van opleiding het dit gevoel asof daar geen werklike vordering plaasgevind het nie.

Met die verloop van tyd het dinge vir my as leerkrag duideliker en meer verstaanbaar geword deur die bekwame wyse waarop die kursus deur Ann Clark (Knowledge Network course mentor) aangebied is.

Met afloop van die kursus was daar genoeg selfvertroue opgebou om sessies aan die Graad 7A-leerders aan te bied.

My taak was aansienlik vergemaklik deur leerders wat reeds oor rekenaarvaardighede beskik.

Na afloop van die twee toetse (sessies) was dit verblydend om te sien hoe leerders daarin geslaag het om die aangeleerde vaardighede toe te pas. Driekwart van die Graad 7A-leerders het daarin geslaag om die vereiste slaagpunt van 70% te behaal.

Dit kan met vrymoedigheid gesŕ word dat die Knowledge Network program 'n sukses is.


Gerrie Timmermans - A teacher's story ...

Gerrie Timmermans has been a teacher for the past 36 years, embarking on her chosen profession in 1964. She has been teaching at Moregrove Primary School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa since 1992.

In 1999 Moregrove Primary School adopted the Knowledge Network IT curriculum and ILAMM methodology. Gerrie relates how she was completely computer illiterate, and had some misgivings prior to embarking on the training.

Each class teacher at Moregrove was to be responsible for the computer training of a particular class. Every teacher in the school was required to attend the Knowledge Network ILAMM training and ongoing session training.

Gerrie felt that she had been teaching for so many years, without utilising technology in the classroom, that she did not have much to offer her pupils. She asked: "At my age must I start now?". She realised, however, that she had a responsibility to her pupils: she had never before denied them an opportunity to learn, so why now should she deny them such a much needed skill for the future?

Gerrie felt like a whole new world had opened up to her. The ILAMM methodology practised by Knowledge Network made sense. She says "Once you get to know the ropes the sky’s the limit."

Gerrie is amazed at the enthusiasm that her learners display during their computer lessons, and has noted that the children learn at an accelerated rate. Gerrie finds that there is a reciprocal learning curve occurring in the classroom involving both her pupils and herself.

What the learners can do...

Learners at Laerskool Moregrove Primary School are achieving results like never before. Lateral thinking, language, spelling, creativity, numeracy, logic, computer and coping skills are all part of the learning during Knowledge Network integrated IT sessions. The work that is produced on the computer by the learners is of an exceptionally high standard. This applies to all learners.

Collaborative learning, collaborative working, teamwork for both learners and educators are all part of the normal school day at Laerskool Moregrove Primary School - a school with vision, a school with a highly motivated and competent academic staff who have been successful in creating and developing a learning culture in the school, and learners who can produce the goods, so to speak.

Laerskool Moregrove Primary School is leading the way in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for schools who want to all teachers to be able to present IT skills development classes to learners and to develop their learners into imaginative, innovative, inventive, and creative-thinking people who know how to use technology and who will, in the future, be in demand not for what they know but rather for what they can do with what they know.

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