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Release date 12 Oct 99
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Knowledge Network appoints CiTEC for Internet access at Roedean School (South Africa)

CiTEC is strengthening its position as a leading Internet supplier to top independent schools, following its latest appointment by Knowledge Network to provide Internet Access to Roedean School (SA).

South Africa's premier Internet Access Provider (IAP), CiTEC is a true tier one IAP as opposed to the tier two ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Its latest deal follows hot on the heels of an earlier announcement in which Redhill School opted for the high reliability that CiTEC guarantees.

Roedean School (SA) is the oldest girls' school in the country, established in 1903, with links to Roedean in England. The school caters for 780 day girls and boarders from Grade 0 to matric. Traditionally the school has been highly academic, boasting a consistent 100% university entrance pass rate. The staff are hand-picked and highly qualified at all levels.

Roedean's head of publicity, Margaret Westgate, says the school considers computer literacy essential at all levels from the beginning, so even Grade O's have access to the school's 130 computers.

"We have instituted a new technology education course and technology centre, where computers play an integral part. We want our girls to go out into the world able to deal with the next century."

The entire project was handled for Roedean School (SA) by Knowledge Network, a company specialising in integrated technology solutions for schools. Knowledge Network was appointed by Roedean School (SA) in July 1999 to oversee and manage the IT environment at the school and provide the school with an IT curriculum to ensure that learners are equipped with the skills they need for life in the information age.

Knowledge Network, project managers for Roedean School (SA),  explains that the company manages all IT solutions for the school, including the Internet connection and expansion of the computer centre.

"All computers in the school have Internet access via the CiTEC backbone. CiTEC will be hosting the school's web site as well as its intranet. Other services are the firewall, as well as proxy and cache for the Internet service which speeds up access."

Knowledge Network says there were many factors that contributed to Knowledge Network' s decision to appoint CiTEC for Roedean School (SA). "There are very few organisations that could guarantee bandwidth as CiTEC does. The company also provides an all-encompassing service, an important issue for any school."

As part of this service, CiTEC bought back Roedean's old router, and gave the school discount on the new router. Another major issue, according to Knowledge Network, is the security CiTEC provides. "This allows for quick and easy blocking of undesirable sites at short notice."

Roedean School (SA) IT co-ordinator, Jackie Topping, explains that the CiTEC line will be used by pupils and staff for Internet access, email and research. She notes that the school chose CiTEC because of the reasonable price and echoes Knowledge Network's sentiments about service.

Topping stresses that the installation is invaluable for maintaining computer literacy and that it will fit in with the Knowledge Network syllabus the school is following.

CiTEC's account manager, Nicci Petrides, says in Knowledge Network's evaluation, CiTEC offered the most value-added services. "This is the major difference between an ISP and IAP like CiTEC.

"We are proud of this installation because Roedean School (SA) was first referred to us by Redhill where we have a successful site, and then this choice was confirmed by Knowledge Network's independent findings."

About CiTEC

  • CiTEC is a tier one, true IAP, which conforms to international standards in every respect and is the only IAP to offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with respect to uptime, latency delay and throughput.

  • Unlike Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which manage Internet access to the point of entry to the public network - which is often unreliable - CiTEC is able to guarantee access by managing the network right into the clients' premises.

  • Currently its infrastructure is concentrated in Johannesburg, Durban, Windhoek, Cape Town and New York, while another approximately 48 major areas have been identified as having the potential to attain the critical mass needed to roll out high speed last-mile solutions.

About Knowledge Network

  • Knowledge Network, established in 1994, specialises in integrated technology solutions for schools, the development of teachers and learners in schools, IT Project Management for Schools and IT skills training for companies.

  • Currently over 180 teachers present the Knowledge Network IT Learning System for schools to over 20,000 learners in their schools.
  • Knowledge Network's learning methodology ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) is used by the teachers to develop creativity, lateral learning, logic, IT and life skills to prepare learners for their role as knowledge workers in the information age - the business world they are set to inherit.

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Jackie Topping with the learners in the computer centre at Roedean School South Africa



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