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IT Curriculum challenges pupils on all knowledge levels to produce quality work
In August of 1998, Roosevelt High School joined the Knowledge Network Partner School Programme.

The Knowledge Network IT Curriculum Level 01 was implemented in January of 1999.

"A year ago I was ready to give up teaching computer technology to high school pupils. Some knew absolutely nothing and I did not have time to help them because there were those pupils who thought they knew everything and spent their time messing with the computers (hackers).

It was very frustrating and disheartening and I reached a point where I hated my job with an absolute passion.

Then in August last year I found an article about a computer skills curriculum and called the number. The company's name was Knowledge Network and a representative came to see me and what I heard really excited me. He then made an appointment to see the Headmaster, who knew how I felt because of the times I had spent in his office in frustration and anger.

After discussing the matter with the Governing Body, who was also given a presentation, it was decided that Roosevelt High would become a Knowledge Network Partner School. Each pupil is charged an extra minimal amount to have the benefit of using this curriculum.

I have not looked back for a minute. There are still frustrations involved with using machinery and no day will go by, when dealing with children, that is problem free.

BUT teaching computer technology has become a pleasure most of the time.

The pupils are challenged to produce something at whatever level they are.

The support I receive from the Knowledge Network staff is wonderful. Even when you phone with a question you are never made to feel uncomfortable and the Knowledge Network staff help you quickly and efficiently. They are available all the time.

The training provided by Knowledge Network is very good and continual.

I am amazed at what I have learned from teaching the Knowledge Network Curriculum."



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