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A lesson in wireless networking
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A lesson in wireless networking
Knowledge Network's founder and Managing Director Jil Hrdliczka takes a lesson in the benefits of wireless networking from 8-year old children at John XXIII College in Perth, Australia - Nov/Dec 1999

Giving a lesson to Jil are: Dale, Mark, Victoria, Laura, Eloise and Paull-Anthony at John XXIII College

In November, Knowledge Network visited Australia.

Knowledge Network's, Jil Hrdliczka met with leading educators in Australia and together they have established a knowledge exchange programme for learners and educators in Knowledge Network Partner Schools and leading Australian Schools.

John XXIII College in Perth, Australia, known to be one of the leading schools in the area of information technology, was one of the schools visited.

During the visit to John XXIII College, learners chatted to Jil Hrdliczka about the benefits of wireless networking and the College Intranet.

A lesson in wireless networking....
Dale, Mark, Victoria, Laura, Eloise and Paull-Anthony

What are the benefits of wireless networking?
"The computers are light to carry and are much smaller than regular computers.

You can move them around easily in the classroom. You can take them out of the classroom into the playground and continue working.

No wires

There are no wires. You don't use a mouse. You have a touch-screen and a pen. It is much easier to use a pen.

Size of the computer compared to the size of a hand of one of the learners in the group

The computers are much faster than Pentiums.

You have all the software you need and can access the Internet and the College Intranet anytime you like.


There is a bit of a problem with the batteries at the moment.

The computer slows down a little while you are working, but the College is fixing the problem with the re-charging of the batteries."

It is more comfortable to work with them. You don't have to sit in front of a computer.


Wireless networking is very hi-tech."

At the time of the Jil's visit Dale, Mark, Victoria, Laura, Eloise and Paull-Anthony were busy doing their project for the lesson - sending Christmas cards to children at a school in Tasmania. They were logging on to a greeting card site in America, selecting a Christmas card and then emailing the card.

Intranet Demonstration
A demonstration of the College Intranet by Dale, Mark, Victoria, Laura, Eloise and Paull-Anthony
The Intranet demonstration included the reading of the Class Prayer by one of the learners. The 10-page PowerPoint presentation containing the prayer, done by the learners in the Class, is on the College Intranet. Below are 3 slides from the presentation, together with the prayer text.

"I was moved by the reading of the prayer and wanted to share the prayer text with other children around the world. A positive attitude to life and learning, and believing in yourself are key to success in life," says Jil.

Year 3
Class Prayer

I am me,
I am special,
I am worthwhile,
I am good at Reading, Writing, Maths and all other things.
I am lovable and happy
Only my good is coming to me
Everyday in every way
I am getting better and better


The College Intranet provides the learners with information they need for their lessons and serves as a communication tool. The College Intranet is user-friendly, easy to navigate, interesting and exciting for the learners.

The question "What would you like to have added to the College Intranet?" The answer from one of the learners in the group - "More about people." 

People working together, knowledge and hi-tech tools

A digital camera was not available at the time of Jil's visit to John XXIII College. No problem - people working together, knowledge, hi-tech tools and the Internet made a photograph of the event possible.

John XXIII College in Perth, Australia setup a photo session with the children. A photo session was arranged for Jil Hrdliczka of Knowledge Network in Sandton, South Africa. The two photographs were combined. Below are the original photographs taken for the making of the final photograph of the event.

The photograph of Dale, Mark, Victoria, Laura, Eloise and Paull-Anthony taken during their photo session for the making of the final photograph. The photograph of Jil Hrdliczka taken during her photo session for the making of the final photograph. Final picture with the kids

Thank you to the learners in the group, the learners in the class, the class teachers, the network managers at John XXIII College, the photographers, graphic artists, local and international event coordinators - John XXIII College and Knowledge Network - Dec 1999


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