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Hi, my name is Greg

I am a 19 year old varsity student. I am studying a BCom Financial management. I have just finished my first year, it went really well.

Here's my story.

I have been a Knet (now Knowledge Network) student for a very long time hmm, must have been since Std 4.

I have done numerous courses including: Microsoft office, Technocruise, CorelDraw, VB and my most recent, the Web development diploma.

All the courses are really great at Knowledge Network, it is always so hard to decide which one to do next.

I completed my Web Dip last year together with my Matric. Some people would say I was mad "Matric and a Diploma at the same time?"

However I didn't think so, the style of teaching and the very competent mentors "Hi Gerry :-)" make it so easy and enjoyable there is no extra strain or stress involved.


Knowledge Network has created great opportunities in my life. I have been running my own business for the last 4 Years. Up until I had finished my Web Diploma I had only been building PC's and creating small networks.

By doing the Web Diploma I have been able to expand my business into other parts of the computing world. I immediately started getting web pages to do, I find designing web pages fulfilling and really fun to do.

Another great point of web page development is the profit margins. They are much higher than any other field of computing I have attempted.

Educating the youth

Knowledge Network is making great moves in educating the youth, they are moving into hundreds of schools where their courses are being taught.

I was lucky enough to be in one of the first schools to take part in this - Krugersdorp High School.

The style of teaching at Knowledge Network is like nothing we have ever experienced in South Africa, all the courses are project-based, first they show you how to do it and then you go and create your own project. They encourage you to work at your own pace and figure things out for yourself.

The future looks good

I have just signed a contract with an American Company, they are going to distribute one of the products I designed and created called PortMan.

It is a portfolio tracking system for Financial Advisors. I am hoping the product will be very successful as it can be easily adapted for any business at a more than great price. You can check out my almost finished web site for more details of the services my business offers and the web sites I have created.

WEB CONNECTION doesn't that sound familiar, it should, it was owned by a company which has now changed ownership. In the commotion of their buyout I bought the name for a steal. So that is how my company became Web Connection.

I highly recommend Knowledge Network to anyone who wants to improve their life.

If you would like to ask me any questions about my business, please email me on


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