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My Knowledge Network experience by Paul Clark

Knowledge Network Club leader, Club Member, conference crew member, member of the mini business, newsletter contributor and Knowledge Network NetAssist


My name is Paul. Life with Knowledge Network is great.

Whether you come to Knowledge Network, attend Knowledge Network sessions at your school, learn via the Internet or via the Knowledge Network Club. At Knowledge Network, you can be whatever you want to be. The learning environment is easy, you really learn a lot, and it is fun.

The company is also well organised. The staff are friendly and care about what you learn. What they teach you is also relevant to what you do and you can always use it afterwards. Should you join Knowledge Network? Definitely!

It has changed my life and I have developed talents I never thought I had. And I am not the only one - read Greg Wilson's story, James Wilkinson also has some good input on life at Knowledge Network. (feedback from kids)

And if you are worried about whether or not you will learn something new - have a look at some of the Knowledge Network Projects.

There is always something new. Knowledge Network never runs out of fresh and exciting stuff for us to learn. 



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