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South African Board of Jewish Education appoints Knowledge Network

In 1999, the South African Board of Jewish Education appointed Knowledge Network to complete a 5-phase process to increase the level of IT knowledge at the three King David Schools located in Sandton, Linksfield and Victory Park.

The process commenced with the training of 170 teachers in the use of a computer as a productivity, research and communication tool.

The Knowledge Network IT Curriculum was evaluated and selected by educators at the South African Board of Jewish Education as the IT curriculum for the learners at the schools.

Teachers appointed to present the curriculum attended training in the Knowledge Network ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) and attend ongoing training at Knowledge Network in Rivonia.

What the learners say about their computer sessions ...

At the end of one of the computer sessions using the new curriculum, the learners in Grade 3 and Grade 4 were asked to evaluate the session based on what was covered during the session and on how the session was run. Below are the evaluations submitted by some of the learners.


Fun, original, imaginative, creative
- you learn a lot

Another fun lesson of computers has ended. We made a 3D picture of men on arrows going to cone shape planets. This lesson was the best in eternity.

Daniel Grade 3

I thought Tuesday's lesson of computers was original and imaginative, but it could be more. Instead of just vertical cones, we could have done diagonal or horizontal cones.

Arieh Grade 3L

I like computers because you get to be creative. This lesson was especially fun because we got to make something nice. You learn a lot.

Brett Grade 4

Cool, fun, you use your imagination
- you learn a lot

I think we learned how to use colours and make things look more realistic on computers.

Gary Grade 4

I thought the lesson was cool. Because we made people shoot to planets by using shapes, 3D and a bit of imagination.

That lesson was fun. I hope we have more lessons like that.


I like the computer lessons because it is so much fun and I learn a lot in computers that I never knew before. Everyday I go home and practice. I like it very much and the recent lessons we have been having have been so much fun.


Improvement in learner performance and achievement

Sue Price - King David School Sandton - Oct 1999

There has been a great change in the performance and attitude of many of the pupils since the start of the Knowledge Network programme.

Those who could not do or were scared to try are definitely producing far more creative work and their confidence levels have greatly improved.

They seem to be able to get on with things on their own without me standing behind them. Those who thought they knew it all are now starting to listen and are achieving better results by doing things the way they have been shown rather than doing things they way they are used to. The gap between those who can and those who thought they couldn't is certainly closing.  

Feedback on the Knowledge Network Experience - Antony Radomsky - King David School Sandton - Oct 1999

Computer literacy course for educators

I am currently teaching on a full-time basis at King David School Sandton. Upon attending the Knowledge Network introductory and orientation computer literacy course earlier this year, my repertoire of computer skills consisted mostly of those word processing short-cuts I had needed to complete my university assignments, and some very elementary graphic and spreadsheet applications.

The course, pitched at a most practical level and delivered with a powerful hands-on methodology by superbly competent instructors, both consolidated and extended by computer skills as well as bringing relevance to my work environment. I graduated with confidence and ability in word-processing, spreadsheet applications, graphics, presentation and Internet applications.

ILAMM Training course for educators

Following from the Knowledge Network introductory course and with a view to teaching computers at my school next year, I attended the Knowledge Network ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) course.

This is a course designed to equip educators with the skills and the methodology needed to educate learners within the ever-expanding information technology age. The delivery of the course, covering literacy in all major software packages, was both enjoyable and of an exceptional standard.

IT Curriculum Session Training for educators

The regular follow-up training sessions continue to be a major support as well as ensuring that my knowledge is always up to date. Even although I will only begin to mediate the Knowledge Network Curriculum and learning methodology next year, I have continued to keep my skills up to date and to apply what I learn within my own work environment on a regular basis.

I thank Knowledge Network for providing such an excellent service and look forward with enthusiasm to further training with them and to my mediation of their curriculum in the coming century.

In a world full of the dangers of educational quick-fixes and sly sales pitches, Knowledge Network stands out as an organisation committed to excellence.

Report back on the session for the day

"I enjoyed that session (Knowledge Network Time Magazine Session) because we could create anything we wanted so I just did what I liked and it landed up being very nice, and I love computers."  Grade 7 / Year 7 Learner

Thank you for emailing your project to us Brandon. Your project looks great. The download time was also good.  Knowledge Network - Mar 2000


Implementation of the Knowledge Network Curriculum

Lucy Levin
King David School Victory Park
Liz Glatt
King David School Victory Park
The way I that I would describe our new Knowledge Network Curriculum is stimulating and creative.

During our lessons the children display eager anticipation as the next step in the brief unfolds.

For myself, after reinforcing my preparation, I was filed with excitement at the thought of coming to school on Monday morning in order to share the new skills and lessons with our pupils.

I have always been wary of computers but intrigued by them.

The Knowledge Network methodology has guided me through this maze enabling me not only to understand computers, but also to teach the subject.

Knowledge Network's ongoing support is invaluable to the development of my skills and those of my pupils.

Implementation of the Knowledge Network Curriculum - Marlene Zwick - King David School Linksfield Oct 1999

The implementation of the Knowledge Network Curriculum into our school has worked extremely well. It is a great relief to know that every lesson of every week is there for us and most importantly that every lesson is a success.

I feel that I have grown in terms of my practical knowledge of the programs and I know that the pupils have also benefited to an even greater degree. They come to a computer lesson full of enthusiasm and are very proud of what they have achieved at the end of the session.

The teachers who accompany the pupils to the lesson are just as excited as their pupils.

I hope that together with Knowledge Network we will continue to grow and benefit from their input.



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