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About Summerwood Primary School






Knowledge Network Club 2000 starts off with web site development for learners at Summerwood
Alby Nel of Summerwood Primary School. Learners at Summerwood Primary School return to Level 02 of the Knowledge Network IT System and will be developing web sites during Knowledge Network Senior Club at Summerwood Primary School in Port Elizabeth.

Below are the web sites that the learners will be developing during computer club. Learners will be including their own research, graphics and information on sports at their school, where applicable.

Sports Club Cricket Club
About Summerwood Primary School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Since 1949, Summerwood has been providing children with an excellent foundation for school and for life.

We have deep roots in Summerstrand and have learnt to use our unique beachfront environment to full advantage in providing enriching educational experiences for our children.

Thanks to the tradition of encouraging parental involvement, Summerwood is in tune with the values and aspirations of the community.

'n Lewendige, moderne benadering

Ons glo dat skoolgaan genotvol en uitdagend moet wees, en dat elke kind by Summerwood spesiaal moet voel en erkenning moet geniet as 'n gewaardeerde lid van die skoolfamilie en die wyer gemeenskap. Ons glo ook dat dit vir kinders uiters voordelig is om te leer om ander te dien en te eerbiedig. Ons personeel is 'n professionele span wat hulle daaraan wy om die gekoesterde ideale te bevorder. Ons moderne fasiliteite, nuwerwetse tegnologie, nie-diskriminerende, Christelike grondslag end dubbelmedium (Engels en Afrikaans) benadering, dra alles by tot die welslae en eie karakter van Summerwood.

A head-start in communication

One of the spin-offs of our dual medium system is that it encourages bilingualism. English- and Afrikaans-speaking children are taught in separate classes but mix on the playground and sports fields. Increasingly, children are choosing to study both languages at higher grade level. In this way they gain communication skills that will be a lifelong asset.

Multi-media voyage of discovery

We employ a specialist teacher solely to provide our children with the best possible grounding in the use of computers. Each class attends a number of computer lessons per week and children have access to our computers after school. Computer instruction follows a systematic, dynamic programme that equips pupils to use computers effectively in their studies and in creative or leisure activities. Periodically we offer computer enrichment courses to parents and staff members.




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