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Learning for life in the knowledge age

Learners at eleven schools in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth will be going back to school this week to a new way of learning about information technology.

Brescia House School, Dainfern College, Phuting Preparatory School, Delta Park, Greenside High School, King David High School Victory Park, Lenasia Secondary School, Maragon Private School, The Kings School Bryanston, and Verkenner Laerskool and Walmer West Laerskool in Port Elizabeth have entered into partnership with Knowledge Network for the development of educators and learners in the field of information technology and integration of technology in the classroom.

Knowledge Network, etablished in 1994, with a learner base of over 30,000 specialises in integrated technology solutions for schools, the development of educators and learners in schools, IT Project Management for Schools and IT skills training for companies.

The Knowledge Network project / outcomes-based IT curriculum incorporates five key elements in every session – fun; technology; the application of technology to everyday life; using technology tools for overall development - creativity, logical thinking, lateral thinking, listening skills, and general knowledge; and personal achievement and growth for every learner.

Learners learn how to use a computer as a tool, are equipped with the skills they need for life in the information age - the business world they are set to inherit.

Educators appointed to present the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum will be attending training in the Knowledge Network Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology and will attend ongoing training run by Knowledge Network.

Learners at High Schools that joined the Knowledge Network Partner Schools programme in January 2000 will be starting the first year of an information technology diploma programme. Successful learners will leave school with their matriculation certificate and a qualification.

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