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Integration - A Partnership between Pridwin and Knowledge Network - Summary of - A Case Study

“Education should facilitate the acquisition of technological skills which are necessary for an individual to function optimally in a technology world. 

Through the education process, the learner should learn when and how to apply these acquired skills to their maximum advantage.” Simon Weaver, Principal Pridwin Preparatory School

Pridwin has identified that a progressive and structured approach to computer teaching is vital to equip the boys for their college years and adult lives. For this reason we joined Knowledge Network in September of 1999. 

The curriculum (Information Technology Learning System) provided by Knowledge Network was also relevant because it continually builds on existing foundations and the boys are encouraged to think laterally and to be creative. Two teachers from the school have been trained to present the curriculum and the ongoing training has been beneficial to both the teachers and the pupils.

It was soon realised that the boys were now learning the skills, but were not being given many opportunities to apply what they had learnt in the other subjects. Thus a strategy was discussed with the staff from Knowledge Network and we have come up with the following model, which has three important components:

  • Skills acquisition

  • The development of a theoretical framework

  • The application and integration of a set project

The first step is the acquisition of skills in order for computer education to be effective. Each class, from Grade 0 to Grade 07, has an hour a week in which the Knowledge Network curriculum is presented. 

This year the Grade 05’s have completed Level 01 and Grade 06 and Grade 07 have completed Level 02. Next year we are pleased that the Grade 07’s will have achieved enough skills to move to Level 03 (of the Knowledge Network IT Learning System - progressive learning programme).

It was felt that the skills were meaningless if they could not be applied to other situations and a strategy of integration was discussed. We felt strongly that in the integration process the subject teachers were not to become computer teachers.

Instead, the boys were to be equipped with the necessary skills, the teacher was to continue to be able to be passionate about his/her subject and the computer was only to be used as a tool. In this way the standard of each subject would not be jeopardised, and the subject matter and discipline would still remain all-important. 

Above this, the assessment of the project is on the subject content and not on the pupil’s ability on the computer. At this point a seminar with Knowledge Network was arranged during which all the teachers realised the importance of our strategy and became excited about the integration route.

In order to assist the teachers to set projects, a grid was provided by Knowledge Network, which clearly showed the skills the boys had been taught at any point in the curriculum.

A school project and computer policy was then set up and this document outlined what was expected of the teachers when planning, setting and executing an integrated project. This document also set out where information is to be stored in the computer centre and how the projects are to be printed.

It was then decided that it is important to keep a record of all projects that have been set and executed. In this way the ideas of other teachers can be used, adapted and expanded upon where necessary. 

A project template was developed and, after a training session with Knowledge Network, was implemented. This template assists the teacher with the planning of the project and these templates are to become part of an intranet system in the future.

Once all this groundwork had taken place, it became evident that the staff needed some training. The teachers were given a full day course, which was split into two four-hour sessions, on how to set and integrate projects within their subject area. 

They were also shown how to read the Knowledge Network IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme Skills Grid in order to know which skills could be expected from the boys.

After this training, all the teachers commented on how the anxiety of using computers in their subject areas was greatly reduced and they were relieved that they did not have to have more computer knowledge than the boys. They felt positive about this approach because they were still able to assess the projects according to their subject discipline.

During the training sessions, the teachers developed certain projects and then executed them with their classes. Many of these projects have been done successfully.

The final part of the process was to give the teachers computer training in some of the applications, namely Excel and PowerPoint. This was to help them with their day-to-day teaching as well as to help them in the setting of some projects.

In the future it is our intention to enhance the staff’s access to computers, to continue with staff training and to have our classrooms suitably equipped so that PowerPoint presentations can be presented to the boys as another teaching medium.

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Knowledge Network Products used for the Integration and Professional Development Programme at Pridwin Preparatory School 

Time frame: Full integration model implemented and professional development completed in 5 months - for all educators and all learners

  • IT Learning System – Implementation: Progressive Learning Programme

  • Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology

  • IT Integration Model for Schools

  • IT Integration Seminar for Educators

  • IT Integration Skills Grid

  • IT Integration Project Development Templates

  • Professional Development - IT Learning System Session Training

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