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"World in my Classroom" International Conference
13 & 14 April









International Information Technology Conference - Perth Australia -
13 and 14 April 2000

The "World in My Classroom" International Conference, Perth, Western Australia

Educators around the world share the same concerns; how to integrate Information Technology into the classroom, to give their learners the best of all worlds.

The World in My Classroom 2000 is a successful Information Technology Conference for both primary and secondary teachers which focuses on Taking Charge of Information Technology in the classroom through practical, hands-on workshops and information seminars. This is the 4th The World in My Classroom Conference, hosted by John XXIII College in Perth, Western Australia.

The conference offers educators a world of knowledge where they can confront serious issues about how technology can enhance learning, as well as involving themselves in fun workshops where they can experience first hand practical solutions to the incorporation of Information Technology into the classroom.

Seminars and workshops vary in length between one hour, two hours and half day workshops. Conference workshops include Integrating Technology in the Curriculum, General ideas for using technology in the classroom, Internet searching and web page design and seminars such as Classroom of the future, E-Learning, Citrix Metaframe and Video Conferencing.

Full details of the workshops and seminars can be found on the conference web site

The conference includes a cocktail party where educators will have the opportunity to meet with like-minded educators, and share experiences and thoughts.

A first ever of its kind experience at the conference and in Australia, will take place when educator Chris Marley from John XXIII College, Perth Western Australia and Knowledge Network present a LIVE learning experience with learners from the Year 6 Class at John XXIII College.

This will be the first time that this kind of exciting delivery method will be seen at any Australian conference, using the unique Knowledge Network learning methodology combined with part of their innovative global IT learning curriculum, which is currently on trial in Australia.

Keynote speakers at the conference are Bruce Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Curriculum Corporation in Victoria, Australia and Jil Hrdliczka, Managing Director of Knowledge Network in South Africa.

Educators from across the country are invited to attend the conference as part of the South African delegation.

St Peter's College in Midrand, Gauteng, Sandton recognise the value of exploring the various methods of integrating technology in the classroom and have appointed Adam Dobson as the College's representative at the conference.

Mr Ronnie Todd, Principal of the St Peter's College says "Integration of technology in the classroom and preparing young people for life in the knowledge age is one of the College's strengths. It is important therefore to expose our educators to a variety of different technologies and the application thereof in a learning environment."

Below are the conference details:

  • Delegates will be leaving South Africa on Monday 10 April 2000.
  • Accommodation, breakfast and transport are all inclusive. Transport to and from the conference has been provided by John XXIII College.
  • The cost is R8 299.00 per person or R6 349.00 per person sharing.
  • South African delegates will return to South Africa on Sunday 16 April 2000.
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice.
    (There will be a price increase on airfares as of 01 April 2000. The increase is expected to be in the region of R400.00.)
  • Visas - 7 days. A business visa is required.

Phone today if you would like to experience "The World in My Classroom" International Conference. Contact Knowledge Network on +27 11 803- 5554 to answer any queries you may have regarding the conference.

Read all about the conference on the Knowledge Network website at

Conference details may be found on the John XXIII College web site:

Contact details
for South African Delegation
Knowledge Network
Tel +27 11 803 5554
Fax +27 11 803 9117
Travel Arrangements, Accommodation and visas
Top Travel
Marlene Freiman
Tel +27 11 327 3007 /8/9/10

Web site for Conference details and bookings
Email address for Mr Chris Marley
Conference Convenor

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