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Release date 29 Feb 2000 to 13 April 2000
"World in my Classroom Conference"
13 & 14 April
John XXIII College
Mt Claremont
Western Australia









A first for conferencing in Australia

Perth, Western Australia - The nature of educational conferencing in Australia will never be the same again.

This year sees the "World in My Classroom" conference, to be held on 13 and 14 April, leading the way in educational conferencing in Australia with a "live" learning experience for conference attendees. The "live" experience involves educators and children learning together using a new learning methodology.

The conference, "World in my Classroom", hosted by John XXIII College in Mt Claremont, Perth, Western Australia, is seen by educators as the most successful information technology conference in Western Australia. It provides attendees with real skills they can take back to their classrooms. This is particularly relevant to those educators in remote areas of the state who do not have the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops during the year.

Mr Chris Marley, Conference Convenor, says that the theme for the conference this year is "Taking Charge of Technology in the Classroom", and a new and exciting delivery method is being used this year to demonstrate a new method of learning using information technology.

This is the first time this delivery method will be used during a presentation at a conference in Australia. The presentation is being run in conjunction with Knowledge Network (PTY) Limited, a company with four years of experience in presenting knowledge in this way.

The new and innovative delivery method provides the audience with a unique opportunity - an opportunity to see first-hand how information technology can be used in the development of learners for their role as knowledge workers in our information / knowledge age.

"Conference attendees will be able to see for themselves how the new method of learning works for both the learners and the educators while the learning is taking place. In addition, conference attendees will be able to observe information technology being used in the learning process," says Mr Chris Marley.

This presentation is a must attend for all educators, principals and those interested in seeing how learners respond to a new way of learning, as they are learning.

The presentation runs for 2 hours, 1 1/2 hours allocated to observing a live learning experience by learners and educators, and 30 minutes allocated to questions from attendees, interaction with learners and comments from the attendees on their own learning experience.

Learners from John XXIII College, Chris Marley, Coordinator of Information Technology at John XXIII College and a team of  presenters from Knowledge Network (PTY) Limited will take conference attendees through 1 1/2 hours of exciting learning - learning that develops technology skills, stretches the learner's imagination, lateral thinking ability and creativity, and outcomes based learning that involves the integration of technology in the learning process.

Conference attendees will be able to observe natural interaction between learners and mentors in a live classroom environment throughout the presentation.

Presenters and leaders in the learning methodology from Knowledge Network (PTY) Limited will be arriving in Western Australia a few days ahead of the conference to work with the children and the educators.

Although learners will have been briefed regarding the technology and sound equipment used during the conference, the session topic on the day will be new to the learners.

The "World in My Classroom - a LIVE Learning Experience" is being presented on Day 2 of the Conference, 14 April 2000 from 14:30 - 16:30.


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