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International Conference - Brisbane, Australia - Unleash your IT investment

On 4 and 5 December 2000, the i-learning 2000 conference for visionary educators will be held at John Paul College in Brisbane. The conference theme, "Unleash your IT investment through connected learning" will provide educators with the background information and hands-on experience they need to make integration of information technology and anytime, anywhere learning happen for them and their learners. 

Keynote speakers include: Don Carlson, National Education Market Manager of Microsoft, Mr Bruce Lakin, General Manager Toshiba (Australia), Jim Kuhr, Senior Developer, Microsoft, K-12 Learning Solutions, USA, Jil Hrdliczka, Managing Director, Knowledge Network, SA and KnowNet Australia, Garry Putland, Project Director, Edna Online, Shawn Ket, Group General Manager QANTM Operations, Murray Baum, Southern Region Sales Manager and National Manager Industry Development, 3COM, Phil Howson, State Manager, PowerLan, Adrian McCullagh, National Director E-Commerce - Gadens Lawyers, Michael Hough, Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Wollongong. 

The breakout sessions provide a variety of workshops and seminars for educators. Building Bridges in Early Childhood Education will be via video conference, USA.  For more information visit the web site  

About John Paul College

Anytime, anywhere learning is the reality for students at John Paul College. The co-educational P-12 school introduced its notebook program in 1992 and is now recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in the application of new learning technologies. 1,600 students in years 5-12 and 200 teachers use their notebooks on a lesson-by-lesson basis at school and from home. 

John Paul College is the only pre-school to year 12 school in the world chosen by the Microsoft Corporation as a "beta site" for the most sophisticated online learning system available.

The notebook program is supported by eight full-time technicians ensuring that any technical problems are fixed promptly, and notebooks are returned as soon as possible.

The College has strategically turned towards a wireless environment as it better supports notebook portability. By the end of 2001, 1,800 radio cards will be in use throughout the College from the present 800 in 2000.

The curriculum for secondary students is almost now available online via the College's intranet. The College reports a greater degree of cooperation from parents as they have been able to access teaching material at home online and better support for their children with their homework.

John Paul College / KnowNet Partnership in Education

John Paul College and KnowNet Australia (Knowledge Network in South Africa) entered into partnership in July 2000. Eleven IT Coordinators at the College were trained in the integrated learning and mentoring methodology and attended the KnowNet train-the-trainer programme. 

Since July, 139 educators have been trained to present the KnowNet IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme to the 2244 learners in the school. Students in years 5 -12 are currently working towards their Microsoft Office User Specialist certificate, the International Driver's Licence and five levels of the KnowNet certification programme.

From 2001, the KnowNet Adult Learning Programme will be offered by the College providing parents with an opportunity to learn about information technology and to experience the learning methodology. This will ensure that they are fully equipped to help their children in computing.  

Educators at John Paul College report on the learning methodology and IT Learning System

The student is at the centre of learning

"The KnowNet methodology sits comfortably with the developmental teaching philosophy employed in each classroom at John Paul College. This philosophy places the student at the centre of learning, enables the student to develop at their own pace, draws on the student's prior knowledge and experience and encourages creativity and problem-solving." Jan MacNamara, Educator, John Paul College.

Building confidence based on success

"The greatest gift that KnowNet training has given me is to see learning through my students' eyes - both the excitement and fears that a new learning experience can bring, and how to reduce these nerves and maximize enjoyment by building confidence based on success.

The methodology is obviously well thought through, and based in experience, with the focus on motivation and clarity of explanation. 

In my first session employing the methodology the creativity engendered was wonderful, and rewarded both the students and my efforts with terrific products." Jeff Symms, Educator, John Paul College 

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