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IT Skills Training for Parents

Krugersdorp High School joined the Knowledge Network Partner Schools Programme over 3 years ago.

Since then the relationship between Krugersdorp High School and Knowledge Network has been most successful, with learners’ technological knowledge increasing at a dramatic rate. Learners are filled with enthusiasm over the programme, and educators are both amazed and pleased at the results they are seeing in their learners.

Marié Germeshuizen, Executive Member of the Krugersdorp High School Governing Body, recently noticed a need within the community which should be addressed: many parents of learners at Krugersdorp High School are showing a marked interest in what their children are learning during their Information Technology classes.

Yet whilst parents are thrilled at their children’s progress, they simultaneously display a concern about their own lack of technological knowledge. Marié says: "Parents are feeling left behind by their children; they too want to understand technology."

Marié Germeshuizen decided to begin an initiative to extend the opportunity to learn with Knowledge Network, to parents of Krugersdorp High School and the community.

Marié has launched the first of a number of Knowledge Network programmes designed specifically for adults, called "Computers for Beginners". In this course adults will learn skills which will not only give them sound technological knowledge and help them to understand what their children are learning, but will empower them in the workplace.

The Knowledge Network Computer Courses are designed to equip people to confidently use the computer as a personal productivity tool. The courses are focussed and project-based.

Projects include business presentations, quotes, proposals and a variety of spreadsheet applications and graphs. People will find themselves undertaking projects which will be directly applicable to their daily lives, thus not only equipping them with technological skills, but nuturing their ability to problem-solve, think laterally and creatively. Projects put people into "real life" work scenarios.

Knowledge Network courses for adults are available to schools under licence. Schools such as St Benedict's, Beaulieu Preparatory School, Halfway House Primary School and Tom Newby School offer Knowledge Network courses to their parent body and to members of the community.

Marié is a trained mentor in the Knowledge Network ILAMM learning methodology: people learn through an outcomes-based, hands-on approach. Through this practical approach learning becomes accelerated whilst giving people full confidence to complete necessary tasks.

To find out how other people feel about the valuable skills they have gained through Knowledge Network, as well as the number of school learners who have who gone on to undertake challenging business ventures, visit the Knowledge Network web site on

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