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Networking for Knowledge

The most recent schools to enter into partnerships with Knowledge Network are Grey Junior School, Kingsmead College, Sandown High School, St John’s Preparatory School, St Dominic’s Priory, Lord Milner Primary School and Settler’s High School.

Knowledge Network, with a learner base of over 30,000 provides a highly developed and well researched, outcomes based, learner-centered IT skills development programme designed specifically for use in schools and colleges.

The programme content, project-based, goal-oriented approach and innovative integrated learning and mentoring methodology meets the needs of educators and learners.

The strong business emphasis, development of life, IT, lateral and creative thinking skills, together with a sound educational base has proven highly successful in top independent and state schools in the development of learners.

Most importantly, for educators, the product is easy to use and implement. A full learner and educator assessment system is built-in. Learners are equipped with the skills to sit international examinations such as MOUS and ICDL. Learners from Year 7 / Grade 7 are equipped with the skills to sit these examinations.

An international knowledge exchange programme for learners and educators is also offered which provides learners with an opportunity to communicate and network with other learners around the world.

The company has developed learner-centered collaborative projects supported by a sophisticated infrastructure to provide learners with an opportunity to develop skills which they will find invaluable when the enter the virtual business world. This programme for learners in the company's Australian associate schools is due to start at the beginning of the second term of 2000.

For educators who have not had much exposure to IT, the product, its international support infrastructure, unique learning methodology and accompanying training guarantees success in the classroom.

The move to an outcomes based learning environment is also made much easier through the use of the product, for both educators and learners.

Schools have a choice in using the product:

as a resource tool for educators, as a complimentary curriculum to be run in the computer laboratory by an IT specialist, as a complimentary curriculum which can be used by all educators to equip learners with the IT skills they need, as well as to develop themselves while still accommodating the skill level of the learner, or as a bridge between IT and other learning areas - projects can be easily adapted to fit in with existing learning themes, as a computer club to generate additional income for the school or to provide learners with specialised skills such as programming, graphic design, image processing, web site development

Educators at top schools who are using the company's global IT  curriculum agree that their primary aim in using the curriculum is to give learners the in-depth technological skills which they need to complete necessary tasks.

The secondary aim is to equip learners with specialised life, business and creative thinking skills that will enrich learners over a period of time and enable them to leave the schooling system fully prepared for their role as knowledge workers in the knowledge age - people who can use technology as an extension of themselves, manage knowledge, "see" electronically, who are in demand not for what they know but for what they can do with what they know.

In order to successfully meet their aims, educators have reported that they need established, innovative and up-to-date, yet tried and tested material to enable them to devote their talents to what it is they are committed to; facilitating in the learning process and using information technology as tool in the learning process across the different learning areas.

Successful integration of information technology in the classroom, while at the same time:

equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed in a global business world where virtual offices are the order of the day; equipping learners with the skills they need for life in the information / knowledge age; providing an outcomes based and collaborative learning environment to meet the government framework guidelines; developing learners, educating and growing educators in the area of IT - is no easy task.

While many schools have been successful in integrating technology in the classroom - there are many learners who still feel that not all of their teachers are equipped to lead them into the knowledge age and provide them with the technology and life skills they need to succeed in a business world without borders - the business world they are set to inherit.

Jil Hrdliczka, founder and Managing Director of the company Knowledge Network made the statement that "We aim to provide a model for the technological business world our children will inherit," when the company opened in 1994.

This statement resonates strongly today, six years later, as Knowledge Network remain true to their commitment to bring the sophisticated information technology of the knowledge age to learners internationally. This vision is reaffirmed through partnerships with schools who, sharing the same vision for their own learners, align themselves with Knowledge Network.

Says Mr Peter du Preez, Principal of St Joseph's R.C. School, "I wish our School had joined Knowledge Network 10 years ago". Principal of Laerskool Morgrove Primary School, Mr Pierre Potgieter says that "Knowledge Network is the best investment we have ever made." Dr Paul Turner, Principal of Dainfern College who has managed IT learning environments in South Africa and in the United Kingdom says "We accept the need to develop those critical skills which will be required by for our pupils to become productive members of a changing society. It is for this reason that Dainfern College joined Knowledge Network in 1999."

"If only I had this when I was at school," is the oft heard comment from enthusiastic parents of learners at Dainfern College.

The company's product is currently on trial in Australia at John XXIII College. It is still early days, however, the product has received excellent reviews from both the educators and learners involved in the trial programme.

The value of the curriculum and projects is not lost on the learners who say that "they live to repeat the projects they do at school, at home";  "Knowledge Network launched me into life in the real world"; "the spreadsheet skills I gained I have used to start my own business"; "Technology today is changing at the speed of thought, but it will be with the skills I gleaned from this dynamic company that I will confidently approach each new turn in the technological world of tomorrow."

The company's flexible approach to business, "learning together, working together" culture and a highly developed, innovative and progressive programme leads the way. 

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