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10 Teachers are trained in ILAMM
During April 2000, 10 teachers from Lord Milner attended the Knowledge Network ILAMM training in preparation for the introduction of the Knowledge Network IT curriculum at the school.

Hector Van Aardt says of the training that "You provided an environment that stimulates creativity and fosters commitment and confidence amongst us all. We will all be totally dedicated to Knowledge Network because of your enthusiasm and patience. I really wish that Knowledge Network had 'touched' our lives many years ago." 

About Lord Milner

Lord Milner School, situated at Settlers in the Northern Province, is an English medium primary school, primarily catering for boarders from Grades 1 - 7.

The school was founded in 1932, originally as a centre of learning for the children of farmers settled on the Springbok Flats. Today it attracts pupils from all over South Africa, but in particular from the major areas of Pietersburg and Gauteng.

The co-educational school, Lord Milner has become a cultural focal point of this community, and is recognised for the excellence of academic teaching and extra-mural activities. It has a proud heritage and traditions which have been built up over the years are jealously guarded and passed on from generation to generation.

Leadership identification and development is another important aspect of a complete education. Every child is given the opportunity to grow and develop beyond the classroom, on the playing fields and in the hostels.

Although a competitive spirit is encouraged, the emphasis is on participation, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Everyone is encouraged to participate in sports which include athletics, swimming, cricket, soccer, netball, tennis and basketball. Inter-house swimming, athletics and cross-country are hotly contested, with even the parents joining in the fun - and sometimes taking part in parents' "swim offs" and races!

Lord Milner has over the years had numerous of its learners representing provincial sports teams, particularly in swimming and athletics.

To develop broader interests and skills a system of School Clubs also offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities. These include aerobics, cookery, entrepreneurship, chess, art, environmental studies, communication, computers and etiquette.

Other cultural activities centre around the School play, usually a musical production, the choir, inter-house quiz and speech competitions. Inter-denominational church services are held every Sunday in the school chapel.

Lord Milner School prides itself on providing a safe and secure environment in which each child receives a sound education and will develop courtesy, respect, tolerance and an awareness for the needs of others. Here each child is given the opportunity to grow and develop, ready to face High School at the end of Grade 7.




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