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Shared vision - Methodist Ladies' College, Australia and Knowledge Network, South Africa

When a shared vision is discovered there is always cause for celebration.

So it is that Knowledge Network are indeed celebrating the joining of the Methodist Ladies’ College in Perth, Australia, to their International Associate Schools Programme. At the end of last year, Jil Hrdliczka, founder and Managing Director of Knowledge Network met with Christine Jenkins, Principal of Methodist Ladies’ College to discuss the programme. This year in February, the Methodist Ladies’ College joined the Associate Schools Programme.

Christine Jenkins embraces the idea of The Associate Schools Programme with the same enthusiasm she displays when discussing the Methodist Ladies’ College. Progressive and far-sighted in her approach to the running of the school, Christine Jenkins sees potential where others may hesitate. Her commitment to the investigation and support of a revised educational system is clearly evident, and it is this commitment which Knowledge Network would like to both share and reflect.

There is profound change currently occurring in Australian schools, with intense debate and discussion surrounding the types of curriculum best suited to the needs of students. Jenkins feels that each school should carefully consider what they are teaching. She acknowledges the influence towards replacing the current content-based system with one having a stronger outcomes-based orientation.

Knowledge Network uses a hands-on, outcomes-based teaching methodology in conjunction with their curriculum, to ensure that each child utilises to full extent her creativity, lateral-thinking and independence.

The Associate Schools Programme in turn caters for a need that is not addressed in current teaching methods. Upon leaving school, young people will not only be expected to have sound technological and academic knowledge, but they will be required to display an understanding of the business environment into which they move; an environment which will involve communication and negotiation through digital means.

People will frequently find themselves having to work with colleagues and business contacts who are situated in distant locations. As such the ability to successfully put their ideas across, to manage tasks in different countries with different laws, different social structures and business rules will be paramount.

The Associate Schools Programme caters for this eventuality. The programme links schools internationally via the internet and email, thus creating a learning environment which will simulate the real business world. The school children will find themselves creating ideas and co-ordinating group projects with children from other countries whom they’ve never met.

Christine Jenkins believes that by linking Methodist Ladies’ College to international schools through the programme, her pupils will benefit enormously.

The learning possibilities for pupils on the programme are limitless, allowing for the educators and learners to simultaneously learn from and themselves develop the programme. Amongst other things, Jenkins expects the programme to create a channel of communication which will "build understanding between children from different cultures".

Children learn very effectively from each other when given the opportunity to co-operate, whether in the classroom or via email. Knowledge Network will give us the connection to facilitate communication between learners, whether they are teachers or students."

Jenkins says further that whilst her staff are technologically aware, "the programme will have the potential to be exciting for teachers", by challenging them to experiment with ideas of how to use technology in a variety of new, dynamic ways.

The Methodist Ladies’ College was founded in 1907 and currently enrols over 1000 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The school prides itself not only on providing a sound education, but simultaneously nurturing and challenging its pupils in order to give them the confidence and sense of responsibility which is necessary for them to succeed in contemporary society.

The Associate Schools Programme is in keeping with the Methodist Ladies’ College vision, and Knowledge Network looks forward to being a part of the commitment to enhance the knowledge and life-skills of the pupils at Methodist Ladies’ College.

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