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Montrose joins the Knowledge Network Partners in Education Programme

Montrose Primary School in Morningside has taken the first step in preparing their learners for the knowledge age.  The vision of Montrose is to be at the forefront of IT education and thereby keeping their learners in touch with the changing world of technology.

Mr. Desmond Zeelie, the recently appointed Principal of Montrose Primary School, brought with him some of the most progressive thinking in IT education.  

After careful evaluation and the recommendation of Mr. Zeelie, Montrose opted for the Knowledge Network™ IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme and joined the Knowledge Network™ Partners in Education Programme.

The two educators from Montrose who were assigned to present the new IT Learning System, have attended proprietary methodology training at Knowledge Network™ and are most excited about starting the programme in 2001.  They feel that the IT Learning System will not only be challenging for the learners, but will ultimately give them the necessary skills to go forward in life.  

The IT educators at Montrose believe that not only will this teaching technique ensure that all learners, from Grade 1 to Grade 7 gain ample experience in IT, but will also benefit from the listening skills, lateral thinking and creativity that are embodied in the methodology.

In furthering the IT vision of Montrose, in addition to the existing research well in the library, the current computer centre has recently been upgraded giving a grand total of 32 Pentium II workstations.  Construction will begin, early in 2001 on a second centre to allow more computer time for each learner.  And ultimately they are aiming at having at least one computer in each classroom. 


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