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Moving beyond integration of technology in the classroom

- a computer learning centre at Pridwin Preparatory School is opened for new global learning system

Technology has changed the way we live, the way we work, the way we learn and the way we teach. Thus the need for us to constantly change and grow with technology has become a way of life.

Principal of the School, Mr Simon Weaver says, "It is for this reason that Pridwin School joined the Knowledge Network Partner Schools Programme at the beginning of September 1999."

"This programme provides a progressive IT Curriculum from Grade 0 to Grade VII, as well as the training of teachers to present the curriculum.

The response from the boys has been most encouraging, with many of them going home each week to repeat the lesson. Lateral thinking and creativity on the computer is encouraged and the coping skills that the boys have learnt in a short space of time have been exciting. It was very pleasing that the Grade VII boys qualified for a Knowledge Network Certificate at the end of last year," says Weaver.

The Knowledge Network curriculum was successfully presented in the Library Computer Centre during the last term of 1999. The only problem was that the classes had to be split, as there are only fourteen computers in this Centre.

It was then decided that a Computer Centre was needed which would be able to accommodate a full class of pupils. Plans to set up a new Centre were put into motion immediately and negotiation took place between the school and the assigned computer technician, Mr Lester Finlayson.

Various options of hardware were discussed, plans were made to have electricity, desks, carpeting, blinds and air-conditioning installed, and a number of floor plan options were presented. After much deliberation, the go ahead from the Board of Governors was finally received towards the end of November. As soon as the school closed for the December holidays, the quiet Pridwin surroundings became a noisy hive of activity as the contractors arrived to complete their various tasks.

Once the carpeting, electronics and air-conditioning were installed, Mr Finlayson was able to move in with his team to install the channelling and networking cables. The excitement was almost tangible when the new computers arrived and, after many hours of hard work, often late into the night, the new Centre for the Knowledge Network Curriculum was born.

The new Centre was officially opened on Wednesday 26 January, following which invited guests were given the opportunity to see what the Centre, complete with its 28 computers, has to offer. Fun was had by all who tried out the various software programs.

Since the beginning of the term, the pupils have thoroughly enjoyed working in their new computer environment. Technology has been successfully integrated into the classroom, merging with lessons such as Integrated Studies, where pupils have accessed information electronically, created bookmarks and brochures, and created their own Powerpoint presentations.

This is a new and dynamic kind of education; something which has never before been undertaken at the school. The new Centre signals a new era of education, where technology combines with other areas of learning and life.

Pridwin School are proud of their Computer Centre, and Knowledge Network, their partner in technology and education, are in turn proud to be a part of it!

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