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Johannesburg, South Africa - Teachers from the South African Board of Jewish Education today started a journey that will take them to a formal information technology diploma qualification in 30 weeks. The professional development diploma programme was designed and developed by Knowledge Network, Sandton, South Africa to meet the specific information technology needs of teachers in primary and high schools.

The teachers from the Kind David Primary Schools in Linksfield, Victory Park and Sandton are being sponsored by the South African Board of Jewish Education as part of its commitment to uplifting the information technology skills of its faculty.

The teachers who qualified for the sponsorship by the South African Board of Jewish Education were selected on the basis of their taking the skills they attain and equipping other teachers at the Kind David Primary Schools with the skills to use technology in the school's computer environment.

The King David Schools are situated in the North Western and North Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg and in Sandton, to the north of Johannesburg. The schools are connected via a CITRIX MetaFrame Thin Client Network after the school saved approximately R2,5 million when upgrading the facilities in 1999.

Teachers who attend the professional development programme will learn how to use a computer as a personal productivity tool, how to integrate computer technology in the classroom and stay ahead in the changing teaching environment.

The skills covered are those essential in an ever-changing world, where technology has changed the way we live, the way we conduct business, the way we run our homes, and the way we teach.

Successfully completing a 4-hour practical exam at the completion of the course will allow the teachers an opportunity to attain the Knowledge Network Computer Technology for Teachers Diploma.

Knowledge Network have been associated with the South African Board of Jewish Education since January 1999. The South African Board of Jewish Education started a process consisting of a 6 month training period in which all the Kind David Primary School teachers completed computer literacy training for teachers, the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum was introduced into the Primary Schools and King David Victory Park High School and will allow the pupils at the High Schools to attain an internationally recognised qualification while still at school.

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