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Creating knowledge workers of the future

The information age is rapidly developing a workforce whose main skill is one of thinking. Before long, knowledge workers will compose our entire workforce.

The question educators ask worldwide is how to prepare the next generation for their role as knowledge workers in the information age.

A curriculum developed by Knowledge Network, a South African company, which equips learners with information technology and life skills is in use in a number of  South Africa's top schools. Over 22,000 learners in South Africa are currently attending classes using this curriculum. The curriculum provides learners with a fun way to learn how to apply technology to everyday life, and develops creativity and lateral thinking.

Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir School (S.B.S.M.) in Lenasia has been using this curriculum since 1997, the results of which are now evident in the progress made by the pupils in the school, and in national and international schools, after relocating.

"In keeping with our vision and mission in providing world class education and creating future leaders of international standing, the S.B.S.M School conducted a global search for a technology partner," says Mr Harry Govind, education advisor for S.B.S.M school in Lenasia.

"Information technology as it provides all aspects of learning made it imperative that we chose a technology partner that could accommodate the needs of the learners from year to year. The rapid rate of change in technology can leave learners behind in both content and development unless the curriculum is updated as technology advances," says Mr Govind.

"S.B.S.M appointed Knowledge Network as the school's technology partner in 1997. Knowledge Network's curriculum is updated as technology and the level of skill of the learners changes which means that the learners at S.B.S.M are learning what is relevant and current at the time," says Mr Govind.

Senior pupils at the school will be advancing to Level 04 of the curriculum when they return to school this week.

"All learners in our school attend classes using the Knowledge Network curriculum. The content of the curriculum and the method (Knowledge Network's ILAMM - Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology) in which it is presented is intellectually challenging and mentally stimulating. Emphasis is placed on the development of creativity, innovation, thinking skills and life skills - all of which are critical in the preparation of our learners for their role as knowledge workers in the business world," says Mr Govind.

In addition to the Knowledge Network curriculum, the school offers a computer science programme for those learners who intend to follow a career in computer science after school. The school's policy of making the Knowledge Network curriculum compulsory for all learners, ensures that all learners have the opportunity to develop in areas which are essential for life today.

Mr Harry Govind, who is now based in Canada, says that he has found that the curriculum has developed children in a way that enables them to apply their creativity and thinking skills to a new education system and environment with ease. In some cases, it has enabled them to move beyond the level of local learners.

"S.B.S.M and Knowledge Network together are creating true knowledge workers for the future - people who are creative, who are thinkers and who are trained to use their brain power to achieve success," says Mr Govind.

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