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Settlers to offer new IT learning programme
Settlers is one of only three English-medium agricultural schools in the country. The co-educational boarding school is situated on 400ha of park-like grounds, 100km north of Pretoria.

Most of the 450 pupils are boarders in the three boarding houses, coming mainly from Gauteng and Northern Province, as well as Mpumalanga, North West and further afield. Children from different cultural backgrounds eat, play and interact in harmony.

The staff believe that this school took the lead in peaceful transition, where happy integration is the norm.

Specific emphasis is placed on academic achievement (a 100% matric pass rate was achieved in the last two years), Christian and family values, equality of sexes, leadership development (with an unusually high percentage of former pupils running their own businesses), teamwork, sportsmanship, environmental awareness and conservation, courtesy and respect, tolerance, and awareness of needs of others.

A conventional, co-educational academic school, boasting an up-to-date computer centre, Settlers also includes agricultural science in the curriculum, which emphasises both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, Escreet says.

Outdoor classes in certain subjects are a feature of the school, and a highlight for many pupils. The Bundu Club is an important addition for pupils interested in collecting and inspecting specimens and the general pleasures of the outdoors.

The school has extensive sporting facilities and offers coaching in rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, soccer and cross-country.

Although Settlers scholars have distinguished themselves up to Springbok level in various sports, the emphasis is on participation. 

Settlers will be implementing the Knowledge Network IT Learning System.



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