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Learners at Greenside High achieve higher scores through new learning methodology

Accelerated, incidental learning, generic coping skills, cross-pollination, creative thinking, development of logic and problem-solving are some of the key phrases used when describing ILAMM - the learning methodology developed by the Sandton based company Knowledge Network.

ILAMM stands for integrated learning and mentoring methodology, the definition for which sounds impressive and somewhat scientific. The question is how does it translate in real terms, results for the educators who apply it and results for the learners.

Greenside High School in Gauteng, South Africa are using the learning methodology during information technology skills development classess for learners in Grade 8 through to Grade 12. ILAMM was developed as the learning methodology to be used with Knowledge Network's outcomes based integrated IT global learning system for schools. Currently 1053 learners are attending classes using this curriculum at Greenside High School.

Mr Calla Niemand, Deputy Principal and Head of Department for Technical Drawing attended the training programme in the learning methodology with the view to presenting the IT curriculum to learners.

"During the training programme we were exposed to new terminology and a new learning methodology for teaching computer related topics. It is fabulous and I immediately recognised potential for this methodology to be used during my technical drawing classes", says Niemand.

"The single phrase that stuck in my mind as an educator was 'generic coping skills'. The question I asked myself was, what was the application value of this specific skill to my subject - technical drawing which involves the use of technology?"

"Exposure to the new learning methodology ILAMM forced me to take a re-look at my syllabus and my term planning. In so doing I discovered that work was spread out across the year, but that this work was related in that it required similar 'generic coping skills' to achieve the required results."

"My response to this was to rearrange my term planning to such an extent that I was able to teach all the different parts of the syllabus together."

The learning curve was steep, says Niemand, incidental learning took place and the results from the learners were great. For a section of the work that normally causes major headaches for the scholars, the group average was 82% across 43 students with the lowest mark at 64%.

The learners reported that not only had this new learning methodology given then a lot of confidence in their ability but their learning was accelerated and they remembered the work much more easily than previously when the methodology was not used. The increase of class averages, the easier way of learning, remembering and progressing through the curriculum faster has received the "thumbs up" from the learners at Greenside High School.

Niemand says that the Knowledge Network ILAMM (integrated learning and mentoring methodology) is currently being applied to other sections of the syllabus and in the junior grades. The results  have been "wow" (from the learners), and measurable in the speed at which learners learn, increase in class averages and a marked difference in the way learners respond to their learning experience at Greenside High School.


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