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Veritas College High School to use IT programme to stimulate students' minds, prepare students for the business world and increase creativity
Mr Gary Austin, Board of Governors, Information Technology speaks out about the programme
Veritas College has had Knowledge Network tuition at the School since January 1998.

In previous years we had approached our computer tuition on basic learning of applications such as wordprocessors and spreadsheets and mathematics tuition applications.

While this method of training has its merits, it is very focused and can be repetitive and uninteresting to the students.

Stimulates students’ minds

We have found the Knowledge Network learning methodology to be ideal - it has an outcomes based education approach, which stimulates the students’ minds and makes the subject interesting and fun.

Prepares students for the business world

The Knowledge Network curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, not limited to only computer based applications, while at the same time teaching the students the practical use of computer technology, thoroughly preparing them for the business world in the future.

The message we get from the students is very positive, other than they would like to spend more time using computers!

Increase in creativity

We have certainly seen an increase of creativity and skills in the period of time that Knowledge Network has been associated with us - of which we are very proud.

Jonathan Jandrell, a learner at Veritas College reports on the programme

The Knowledge Network programme is a wonderful way in which to teach people who don’t know how to use a computer, and people who already know computers, basics and then more advanced skills.

Development of creativity

With Knowledge Network, the pupil is first taught the basic ideas and skills. All pupils are given the same training even though some are more knowledgeable when it comes to this field, but there is one challenge that the more computer literate pupils do face, and that is to be more creative with the designated tools and no more.

Thinking skills

The first exercise we were instructed to carry out was to make a picture, but not only just any picture. It was to create a background for the computer the person was sitting at. The tools for this project were described and explained to us and we then had to make the graphic.

Incidental learning

The pupils were instructed to take their favourite music group and type a few lyrics from one of their songs. The trick here was to acquaint the pupils with a word processor and the tools that are used in the making of a document.

The tuitions that follow, such as creating slide-show presentations and learning the powerful CorelDraw graphic development will also be invaluable to the pupils of Veritas College, Springs.

Different levels of benefit to learners in lower grades

The younger pupils will gain a greater advantage during their schooling career than the more senior pupils because every standard started on the same level, and it is the younger pupils that will have the wonderful opportunity to be taught the basics of computer programming.

Knowledge Network is truly a great course to teach both computer literate and illiterate about how to handle a computer and how to use it to its full capacity.

About Veritas College High School

The Veritas College High School campus first opened it's doors more than thirty years ago on 21 May 1964 on what used to be the property of Springs Mine. After gold production ceased in 1963, the property was sold to the Christian Brothers.

It was then known as St Brendan's Christian Brothers College, Springs. St Brendan's opened as a preparatory school with standards two and three initially available. By 1968, what had initially been only a primary school became a high school as well, with its first standard six classes.

Over the years the school continued to thrive under the guidance of committed staff and principals and was perhaps best known for its academic excellence with many a year reflecting a 100% matric pass rate. There has been a long association between the college and the Springs Junior Town Council and being involved in local debates and quiz competitions become a regular activity.

In 1992 the College was amalgamated with The Convent of Our Lady of Mercy - Springs, to form what is Veritas High School. The school has changed much over the years to meet today's challenges, however the spirit and commitment of the early founders of St. Brendan's is still very much in evidence.

The vision of the school is to create a culture of academic excellence, leadership, enthusiasm and participation within the ambit of the Catholic ethos and to be the school of first choice for parents and pupils in the multicultural area of Springs.


  • Respect for the individual and the dignity of life in all its forms
  • Honesty, openness and integrity
  • Quality education and service
  • Empowerment of and participation by all its families
  • Search for trust, justice and peace
  • Responsiveness to the needs of all the Veritas community




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