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Amsai, Swiss Business Council of South Africa and Knowledge Network working together
Report by Dada Deva, Amsai Primary School
"Before anything else is written or said, I will like to express my profound appreciation on behalf of the management of Amsai Primary School to Knowledge Network for the historic and grand opportunity they have accorded the school to introduce and promote computer literacy to the institution."

Introduction of Amsai (Amanda Marga Special Academic Institution)

Amsai Primary School is a pioneer and a high profile institution in the Orange Farm township. Established in the early 90's, it has contributed to quality education in the disadvantaged community in no small way.

Achievement and Recognition

As a result of the recognition of the school as a leading role player in education over the past decade, the Swiss Business Council of South Africa and the Swiss Government adopted the institution.

The involvement led to the immediate of funding for the successful completion of twenty six new school building blocks and a modern library facility.

The school remains the single source of supplying excellent pupils for the most outstanding colleges in the township. Thus providing these colleges with students who contribute to a total of the two thirds 100% or in certain cases 99% passes in the matriculant results over the recent years.

Interaction with Knowledge Network

Our coming into contact with Knowledge Network was a result of an extended public relation and network initiative with regards to the introduction of an "IT and CB", resource centre at the school. My personal pursuit and interest couple with the availability of support provided by the Business Council resulted in the collection of twenty five desktop PCs to start the IT project.

Enhanced Environment

An amount of sixty thousand have so far been spent on the renovation of one room of the school block and the conversion has made it possible to start a daily IT programme on a three days weekly bases programme.

Benefits and Rewards

All our learning programmes and materials are derived from the provisions of the teaching methodology and curriculum of Knowledge Network sessions. Having attended the training sessions myself, I was exposed to the techniques and the technicalities of the utilities of the software.

I must applaud the confidence and the readiness that came through strongly at the end of the training course due solely to our able and experienced facilitators. The built in lateral thinking (planning), coping skills, motivation and creativity ultimately enriched our already fledging capacity.

For myself the training session was a real moral booster and a new drive for me in my quest to become one of the best computer exponent of our time. Having completed my "A+" course, and looking forward to a course in N+, I have gained the necessary platform to be able to push myself to withering highest.

Currently, the school is embarking on a multi-million IT literacy centre. The project is supposed to be completed by December at the latest and our partnership with Knowledge Network has truly been the motivating and crucial factor that has transubstantiated our dreams into productive reality.



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