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Integrating IT into the life of an Educator

Professional development for educators in their working environment has become the determining factor for their success.

Professional Development has become essential for educators who are expected to keep the pace in our ever-changing world of technology. Educators have entered into a new era in which technology reigns. They’re required to use the computer as a personal productivity tool, integrate technology into classrooms, and stay ahead of the changing IT and learning environment.

Educators have to position themselves to be able to use modern learning tools and educate learners of this new era. To meet this challenge, Knowledge Network has developed a range of Professional Development courses to boost the educator in achieving this vision.

We spoke to some of the educators who have recently attended professional development courses at Knowledge Network to hear what they had to say:

Aaron Makhoba, from the Gauteng Department of Education stated: “I recently started on the Diploma – Computer Technology for Educators Course and have learnt a great deal, especially regarding surfing the Internet. I am now able to advise other educators on how to source valuable information from the Internet pertaining to the subject they are teaching.” Both students and educators benefit from professional development courses and educators can keep pace with the growing demand for IT learning in classrooms.

Naomi Corinaldi from Boskop Primary School said: “The course content covered the entire spectrum of computers and related aspects. Specialised modules not common to other computer courses included the in depth study of advanced features of a number of application software.” Professional development for educators thus assists in school management.

Tubby van Dyk, Midrand Primary School’s vice principal and Sue Masters an educator, said: “We gained a tremendous amount of confidence in software that we can support not just the school but also the community if they require it. Relevant knowledge has been given to address any situation that might arise inside as well as outside the school environment.”

Knowledge Network’s professional development courses allow educators to enter their working environment with the correct tools to integrate IT into the community as well as the classroom. 


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