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Release date 23 May 2001
Report by Mrs N Makwela, Principal






Iphutheng Primary School, backed by Swiss Re, equip educators and learners
The school felt that for the effective use of the computers, teacher training in computer literacy is vital. So the school management team mandated that Mr Peter Makgato and Mr Michael Thobejane to look out for appropriate instruction for such training. Among those contacted was Knowledge Network (previously known as K-Net.)

What we found fascinating about Knowledge Network was the way they offer their training and their objectives. Unlike most institutions, Knowledge Network emphasises methodology of teaching and is not skills based like other institutions. We therefore sat as an SMT and looked at our situation. Most educators were willing to undergo the training but money was the major impediment. We then contacted Alison and informed her about our problem. Even if the SMT sat and decided so send only Peter and Michael, the school's funds were insufficient. She promptly responded positively by supporting our plan and promised to contact the Managing Director, Mr Alexander Weissleder, to inform him about this.

We then scheduled a meeting with William from Knowledge Network, Alison and our SMT for presentation. We were quite excited about it and decided to undergo the training without delay. We therefore sent Michael and Peter for the training which started from 7th May 2001 at a cost of R3250.00 each of which was paid for by Swiss Re. The report that we got from the two educators who went for the training was:

  • The school chose an ILAMM course with Progressive Learning Programme (PLP).
  • The entire school community is going to benefit tremendously from the programme chosen. This programme is project-based and childcentred. It teaches the children lateral thinking, creativity, problem-solving and cross pollination of skills which promotes learner independence.
  • Knowledge Network will interact with the two educators to help them solve whatever problem they encounter in their teaching of the sessions to the learners.
  • The sessions they have received are for the Grade 4s to the Grade 6s. Grade 1,2,3 and 7 will be phased in due course of time.
  • The learners will be taught from the 21st May as we are to draw up a timetable to cater for the training of learners.
  • The mentors (teachers) of Knowledge Network teach with compassion and instil confidence in the teachers who underwent the training so as to teach to the learners with confidence.
  • We are now one of their partners in education and our school will exchange ideas with other partners on an ongoing basis.
  • To seal our relationship we have signed a contract which stipulates that only teachers who have undergone the training are the ones who have to use the materials to teach the learners.

According to the use of the sessions by the educator, each learner has to pay R15.00 a term. We have sent a newsletter to the parents of the Grade 4 to 6 to ask them to try and pay for their children to help the school.

We are waiting for Michael and Peter to start implementing whatever they have learnt to the learners and give us a report. These two educators are still to undergo same training in other courses to effectively impart the knowledge to the learners. We also are to purchase some programmes from Knowledge Network to help the learners. Such outstanding things will be looked at after receiving the report from the two educators.

In conclusion we would like to again thank you for being involved in the uplifting of our children's education. We hope that our entire community will benefit from your involvement.

Yours in education
Mrs N. Makwela, Principal



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