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Press Release April 2001
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Easy to implement progressive IT Learning System

Today's world demands computer expertise. Learners are pressed to achieve in the competitive IT environment. Parents and learners are now demanding IT integration in schools.

Knowledge Network, a South African company, has developed a system that has gained in popularity both locally and abroad. The IT learning system provides schools with a variety of implementation methods and professional development programmes.

The system consists of challenging fun lesson plans, a learning methodology to accelerate learning, develop creativity and lateral thinking, and an evaluation system.

The system is affordable (between R4 and R12 per learner a month). Easy implementation reduces cost in time and resources incurred by schools embarking on IT-related projects.

Knowledge Network's Partners in Education Programme assists in schools in achieving their goals in IT.  "Our partnership with Knowledge Network has resulted in innovative and practical ideas being formulated and implemented in terms of integrating the skills learnt by the pupils and the rest of the academic curriculum," says Simon Weaver, Headmaster of Pridwin Preparatory School. "We are confident that the boys at Pridwin are being taught the necessary IT skills that give them the flexibility and expertise to interact responsibly in our changing society."

The system is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. It offers immediate integration of IT across the learning areas even if educators have had no exposure to IT. "The system brilliantly adapts to the various levels of development of the different age groups," says Vincent Pienaar, Principal of Laerskool Paul Greyling in Cape Town. "It is totally outcomes-based and the learner is able to understand and apply skills quickly.

Pre-prepared Lesson Plans

Amsai Primary School, sponsored by the Swiss Business Council of SA and the Swiss Government, purchased the system. Dada Deva of the school says, "All of our learning programmes and materials are derived from the teaching methodology and curriculum of the Knowledge Network sessions.

For schools looking for a system that works and provides flexibility in implementation, Knowledge Network's system is worth consideration.

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