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St Mary's Outreach Project - Feedback

When St Mary's Outreach decided to provide an accredited IT learning programme for the Grade 12 learners on the project from Alexandra High Schools, choosing a suitable course became quite a challenge. After investigating various options, it was decided to use the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme. This offered not only a comprehensive syllabus with well structured lessons and assessment projects, but training and ongoing support for the educators as well.

"It is a decision which we have not had cause to regret."

Educators came back from their ILAMM training in January bubbling with enthusiasm and eager to get started. After ten sessions, this enthusiasm has not diminished but has instead grown as they have watched their learners' knowledge, skill and confidence in the use of computers grow in leaps and bounds. Many of these learners had never touched a computer before joining the Outreach project. Few of the learners have access to computers at school or in their homes. Yet, after only one term, they are producing word documents, creating powerpoint sildes and getting to grips with spreadsheets. Their performance in the first skills assessment project has also been an indication of the effectiveness of this learning programme.

The emphasis on authentic tasks, the flexibility within the lesson plans, the clarity of the assessment criteria and untiring support and encouragement from Knowledge Network staff have all made this an IT programme that has enriched both educators and learners on this project. We would love to see many more learners and educators from Alexandra benefiting from it.

Marion Joseph
Academic Co-ordinator: St Mary's Outreach Project


Marion Joseph
St Mary's Outreach Project
(011) 786 1161

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