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The key ingredient of our success is the empowerment of people and the creation of a supportive environment in which we learn together. Moregrove Primary School, Port Elizabeth
In January 1999 all educators from Pre-Primary to Grade 7 attended a Knowledge Network training course. We were trained in basic computer technology and Knowledge Network methodology so that we could teach computer literacy to our own class.

Knowledge Network gave us exactly what we had been looking for.

A structured and graded curriculum, planned and developed by experts in the IT field.

No longer did we have to fumble frantically for something to do with learners during their computer period. Knowledge Network provided the curriculum; we the educators present the lessons.

After the initial training we set aside an hour every Friday afternoon during which the computer lessons for the following week were practised. In this non-threatening and supportive environment staff grew in ability and confidence.

As our IT skills developed and we became more confident and competent in our ability to present the lessons, our need for the long practise sessions fell away. We still practise the lessons but the preparation time involved is minimal as the basic skills are there.

The skills learnt during the training sessions have empowered us both professionally and personally. We teach computer classes with ease and use technology in our lesson presentation and planning in order to carry out a multitude of administrative responsibilities.

Thank you Knowledge Network, without the kick-start you gave us, many of us would still have been sitting on a very soft part of our anatomies.

A Teacher's Perspective

In 1998 we had this vision of a well equipped IT center with well-trained staff members.

We started investigating a number of possibilities and eventually came across a company called Knowledge Network. We contacted them and soon we had a meeting set up for Knowledge Network to come and see us. The rest is history! Our Management Council was just as excited as we were and gave us the go ahead. All of the staff were trained and I believe that it was the best investment that Moregrove has ever made. We are proud to be associated with Knowledge Network.


Although our learners work in pairs, it is significant to mention that all pupils who have entered the certification exam achieved the required 70% pass mark. It is wonderful to see the whole spectrum of primary school children taking part in the IT programme.

Watch this space!!!!!

We are in the process of planning a new IT Center and are looking forward to working closely with Knowledge Network to assist us with the layout and technical data with regard to our new high tech IT center.




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