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Each institution has to decide for itself how it will manage and drive its I.T. Centre programme.
Summerwood Primary, situated in the sought after suburb of Summerstrand in Port Elizabeth, has been blessed to serve a community which cherishes a progressive, high standard of education for its children.

Computer literacy has been of paramount importance since its inception at our institution. From a humble beginning many years ago when the old Spectrum computer was "state of the art" to our present situation, we have been fortunate to have persons at the helm to constantly guide our information technology programme.

Each institution has to decide for itself how it will manage and drive its I.T. Centre programme. We decided ten years ago to appoint a specialised I.T. teacher who would be responsible for the I.T. training from grade 1 to grade 7. Our reasoning for this was that not all of one's staff members had the knowledge or skills necessary to make a meaningful contribution in this field.

In our naivety, we expected Mr A Nel, the I.T. teacher, to draw up a progressive syllabus for all our grades. In retrospect just as Nelson Mandela was the right person to take the reigns of a liberated South Africa, Mr Nel was the person with enthusiasm, drive and the expertise to make a success of this important aspect of our children's education.

After much research into programmes and syllabuses available, Mr Nel persuaded the powers that be to join Knowledge Network. It is one of those decisions that we have never regretted for a moment. We need to add at this stage that even after our signing with Knowledge Network, we have continuously looked at what other companies have to offer. To date, we have not found one that surpassed the progressive learning programme of Knowledge Network that we use.

Besides the programme, which Knowledge Network supplies, there are numerous other reasons for our loyalty to the company. The friendly, concerned and helpful staff who always make the school seem special and valued as a part of a wider family of schools which all strive to give their children that edge in education. 

The in-service training and personal growth courses for our three I.T. teachers which improves their skill and allows for personal growth is valued. The regular visits and assistance of members of the Knowledge Network team to our institution is also of great importance to us. How many companies are there nowadays who once they have sold you a product disappear never to be seen or heard from again and never update their product sold to you. We are confident that the Knowledge Network team will continuously evaluate its programmes to keep us at the forefront of this aspect of our children's education.

With the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme we feel that we are giving our children greater knowledge and skill than most. We are in awe of the ability which a child has when he/she leaves us for the high school at the end of grade 7 in the I.T. field.

Our vision for our I.T. Department is that we provide a challenging programme which will enable our children to apply their skills learnt, and to use the computer and various programmes, e-mail and internet services as tools for their future life. And it is with all this in mind that we are pleased to be associated with Knowledge Network.




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