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It was the right thing to train the whole staff. It made everything much easier and the staff grew with the pupils and could share in their enthusiasm. 
Having our own computer center was a dream and desire of teachers, parents and pupils at our school. 

We did not want a computer center just for the sake of having one. Right from the start there were major problems facing us and we decided to tackle them one by one:

  • It was going to be a very expensive exercise and we did not want to exclude one pupil or teacher.

  • We had to find a suitable classroom and decided on the art room. There was enough space to fit in forty or even more computers.

  • The classroom needed paint, carpets, desks, computers and much more. For this we needed money and there was none.

  • We needed an excellent curriculum from which our pupils could benefit.

  • We needed a teacher to be in charge of the center.

Financing the project and the curriculum however, were the two major problems. Mr. Pierre Potgieter, Principal of Moregrove Primary School told us about Knowledge Network and we decided to go for it. 

Since the very first meeting we had with staff of Knowledge Network, we never looked back. A committee of parents and teachers was given the task to put the computer center in place. They had only about two months and they did it. 

When the schools reopened in January 2000, our computer center with 27 computers was ready. The whole staff was trained and the pupils were excited to start. This was a team effort and everybody was very proud of the end product.

Looking back after almost three years, we can proudly say that we made the correct decisions. The curriculum of Knowledge Network is excellent and it works in practice. 

Our pupils are on a very high standard as far as computer literacy and the knowledge of all the programmes of MS Office is concerned. They really understand how the computer and the programs work and they enjoy the lessons.

It was the right thing to train the whole staff. It made everything much easier and the staff grew with the pupils and could share in their enthusiasm. 

At present we are planning further use of the center and again Knowledge Network is ready to assist. 

Knowledge Network Club

We decided to start a computer club for learners after school hours. Our only problem is a very full sports program for the senior learners. They have to do club after sports practice.

At the moment there are three groups: Grade 1 and 2, Grade 3 and 4 and Grade 5 to 7.

Club Products are excellent. The learners enjoy each session and creativity is being developed.

Mr C J Oosthuizen
Laerskool Verkenner




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