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Release date 10 Sep 2002
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Their (our learners) skills as well as their own creativity have developed extensively.
We started the Knowledge Network Curriculum at the beginning of 2002.  

Having upgraded our IT Centre we appointed a dedicated IT teacher to teach the necessary skills.  Knowledge Network provided the ideal curriculum required by the teacher.

We looked into a few possible options before deciding on Knowledge Network.  Knowledge Network’s whole approach to IT learning and teaching is exciting and very effective that we decided it was the way to go.

The learners find their IT lesson very enjoyable and they are always keen to participate. Their skills as well as their own creativity have developed extensively. 

Knowledge Network’s Training has helped the Educator develop the necessary skills to present the sessions to the learners.  Valuable coping skills are imparted to the Educator during the training sessions throughout the year.

We are very excited about our involvement with Knowledge Network and enthusiastic about the further development of our learners and educators as we continue to implement the Knowledge Network curriculum in future years.

Carolyn Clarke
Victoria Park Grey Primary School
IT Educator




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