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Release date 2004
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The Brescia House School Magazine for 2004






Information and Communication Technology - 2004
As part of the ongoing policy at Brescia House to keep abreast of technology, this year has seen the upgrade of the computer room in the Resource Centre, the addition of a new server and upgrading of the cabling network. Older PCs have been placed elsewhere in the school and all the senior primary classrooms now have a PC in the classroom, as do many of the High School subject classes.
In the Resource Centre the pupils are privileged to be using state-of-the-art technology. The technical specifications of the PCs are Pentium 4s, with 256MB of RAM, 80GB hard drives and 17 inch screens - they are very fast and efficient.

The principal and the headmistresses are now working on notebooks and we will be installing the first interactive whiteboard into the classroom.

The Grade 11 and 12 pupils all wrote the Knowledge Network diploma examination in the second term with superb results. A complex examination lasting four hours and covering Excel, Word and PowerPoint software tested both their  I.C.T. and strategic thinking skills. All these pupils leave school confident in their ability to cope in an increasingly complex technological society.

Jill Wheater,
Head of Teachning and Learning Services
Brescia House School



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