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Release date 16 Feb 2005
Grey High School Press Release






Grey High School Computer Outreach Programme 2004/5
Grey has built up a reputation as being one of the leading Schools in South Africa and has achieved highly impressive results in academic, cultural and sporting activities on a consistent basis. The facilities and quality of teaching are one of the highest standard and a deeply entrenched sense of tradition prevails throughout the two schools.

Grey is aware of the need to become more involved in programs aimed at uplifting the educational standards of schools in the wider Port Elizabeth community. The schools are committed to sharing their facilities and expertise in this initiative.

The Grey family has committed itself, through its mission statement, to playing an active part in the achievement of better educational opportunities for all. To achieve this, we have embarked upon a number of initiatives that fall under the title of "The Grey Outreach Program". In accordance with our motto, Tria Juncta in Uno, we have always striven to provide a kind of education which would allow the individual pupil to develop his full potential in Mind, Body and Spirit. It is our desire now to build on Our Past Experience, Our Present Expertise and our Vision for the Future. In doing so we aim to fully involve ourselves in assisting disadvantaged learners to cope with the demands of a very challenging society. We wish to ensure that the facilities and expertise that we have, are used to assist in the improvement of education in our wider community.

The Grey Outreach Program, which started in 1994, is now well established and those who have been involved in its development and administration have built up a wealth of skill and understanding. Our vision for the future is to offer a number of the many deserving disadvantaged pupils in the community, a better educational future.

One of the branches of the Outreach Programme is Computer Training. Grey believes that there is a serious need for assistance in the field of Information Technology and that a significant contribution can be made in this area. Grey made available its Computer Facilities to staff to train 40 learners from Ndzondelelo High School in Zwide. The learners follow the Knowledge Network curriculum which equips the learners with the necessary work place skills in spreadsheeting, word processing, DTP, multimedia, presentations, communications and electronic research. The success of this programme can be seen in the large number of certificates awarded to those learners who achieved more that 70% in the November examination.

This year, further training will be undertaken and we look forward to further successes. We would like to thank The Anglo American President's Fund and the Anglo Gold Education Trust, Knowledge Network, and other sponsors, who make this project possible.




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